A Tim Burton Exhibit Is Coming To Las Vegas' Neon Museum in October
Photo Credit: Neon Museum

Photo Credit: Neon Museum

A Tim Burton Exhibit Is Coming To Las Vegas' Neon Museum in October

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Danielle Dorsey
Danielle Dorsey Sep 24, 2019

Tim Burton fans will be delighted to know that the award-winning filmmaker is debuting a new exhibition at the Neon Museum in Las Vegas just in time for Halloween.

Burton is collaborating with the museum to create site-specific work that will be unlike any of his previous exhibitions. It will feature Burton’s original fine art and be staged at the Neon Museum’s outdoor Boneyard exhibition space and North Gallery, as well as at the City of Las Vegas’ Boneyard Park across from the museum’s visitor’s center. 

“To say we’re flattered that Mr. Burton has chosen our museum for this exhibition would be an understatement,” said president and chief executive officer of Neon Museum, Rob McCoy, “But when you think about it, Tim is one of the few artists who can match the great imagination of Las Vegas.”

Burton hopes that the exhibition will provide fans with an in-depth retrospective of his personal creative history while celebrating his fondness for the Neon Museum, which he drew worldwide attention to in his 1996 film Mars Attacks!

On view from October 15, 2019, through February 15, 202, “Tim Burton at the Neon Museum” will showcase a combination of new work as well as previously shown pieces and will include large-scale installations.

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