'90 Day Fiance' Star Detained By ICE, Faces Deportation
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

'90 Day Fiance' Star Detained By ICE, Faces Deportation

Stephanie Ogbogu
Stephanie Ogbogu Jul 4, 2019

Just days ago, it was reported that ICE would begin immigration raids across the country and while many of us watch as friends and families are separated from their loved ones and sent back to countries such as Mexico, we often forget about those who look like us that are also affected by the immigration policies. One familiar face is experiencing his own share of immigration woes. Jay Smith, star of TLC reality series ’90 Day Fiance’, is now facing deportation after a post on social media violated an order placed on him by his estranged wife Ashley Martson.

90 Day Fiance follows American citizens and their foreign fiancees as they try to overcome cultural differences, family interferences, and language barriers in hopes of getting married before their 90-day visas expire. Jay, 21, and Ashley, 32, who appeared on seasons 5 and 6 of the show, met in Jay’s native country of Jamaica. The two eloped in Las Vegas, but the honeymoon was shortlived after Jay was caught messaging women on Tinder. Due to Jay’s transgression, Ashley was reluctant to file his immigration paperwork, leaving his American citizenship hanging in the balance. She eventually filed for his green card, however, after he cheated again, Ashley retracted her green card application and separated from Jay.

For months, Jay and continued to live in the United States, separated from Ashley, and not yet an American citizen. Recently, an incident occurred that could end up sending him packing to Jamaica for good.

In an interview with Celebuzz, Ashley says that Jay allegedly broke into her home while she was on vacation. She says that the police instructed her to file a PFA (Protection From Abuse) order.

“I filed a PFA, and I took all the evidence in on Monday,” says Ashley. “Jay was served at 7:10 PM on Monday, and it specifically said in there ‘you’re not allowed to talk about this PFA or Ashley at all on any social media platform.’ ”

However, when Jay posted about the PFA on Instagram, Ashley caught wind and reported him to the authorities.

A warrant was issued for Jay’s arrest on Tuesday and on Wednesday morning, around 1 am, the 21-year-old Jamaican native turned himself in to ICE custody at the York County Prison in Pennsylvania.

“He’s in our custody. He’s just getting put into the facility,” a spokesperson for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Office says. “It looks like he’s going to be going through the motions. He will see an immigration judge to see if he’ll be deported.”

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