8-Year-Old Boy Rescued After Being Swept Out To Sea On Unicorn Float
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Yahoo

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Yahoo

8-Year-Old Boy Rescued After Being Swept Out To Sea On Unicorn Float

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Jun 14, 2019

An 8-year-old boy was swept out to sea while on a unicorn float in North Carolina.

Declan O’Connor and his family were visiting from Ohio and brought his unicorn pool float along to Oak Island beach.

Declan got on top of the float to enjoy the water, but a wave swept him out to sea, as reported by ABC News.

As he drifted further from land, his mother, Jill O’Connor, began to panic and called 911 for help.

Mrs. O’Connor told the 911 dispatcher that her son does not know how to swim and he wasn’t wearing a life jacket.

Family members attempted to save Declan but they were not able to catch up with the fast-moving unicorn.

“I was really scared and thinking, like, I might die and all that stuff,” Declan told ABC News.

The Oak Island Water Rescue volunteers ended up jumping into the water and saved Declan.

“Handing that little kid back to his mom after we brought him in from way out in the ocean on that float was payment enough for all of us,” Oak Island Water Rescue Chief Tony Young said.

Young also said they often have to retrieve large floating devices from the water, but this is the first instance where a child was on one.

Declan and his family were relieved and learned a lesson for future family vacations.

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