8 Ways To Not Be An Annoying Passenger On Flights
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Photo Credit: Getty Images

8 Ways To Not Be An Annoying Passenger On Flights

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Jul 28, 2022

We all come across people while flying who are absolutely annoying. The type of people so aggravating that you find yourself counting down the minutes until landing. As travel continues to be chaotic, we want to make sure we’re all doing our part to not be that annoying passenger to others. 

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Treating others the way you want to be treated is the ultimate hack for not being that passenger who drives everyone insane on planes. 

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Here are tips for how to avoid being an annoying passenger:

Don’t clap when you land

He’s a 10, but he claps when the plane lands. *cringe*

Yes, you may be excited to arrive at your destination, but do us all a favor, and please don’t clap.

Practice good hygiene

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The weather in many parts of the country and world has been sweltering hot. Keep that in mind when traveling and remember to practice good hygiene. Pack deodorant, fragrance, and extra socks if you plan to take your shoes off on your flight. No one wants to have to deal with a smelly neighbor while flying.

Be kind, always

It costs zero dollars to be a nice person. Even if your flight is delayed or canceled or you’re going through the most — remember to be kind to staff and fellow passengers. It’s easy to take our frustrations out on others when we’re stressed, but there are severe staff shortages right now and people are doing the best that they can. 

Don’t be that drunk passenger

You don’t have to avoid alcohol when flying, but try not to get drunk. Many plane altercations start with a drunk passenger. 

Consider your volume


If you’re listening to music, podcasts, or watching a movie, please keep the volume at a respectable level. If you’re unsure of the volume, take one earbud out and see how it sounds. Also, avoid talking loudly on a call as soon as the plane lands.

Respect other’s personal space

Is it really necessary to lean your seat all the way back? Consider your fellow passenger’s personal space while flying. This means not touching other’s things without permission, keeping your hands to yourself, and not hogging other’s armrests. 

Keep your documents handy

Nothing is more annoying than the passenger who holds up the line because they don’t have all their documents ready. Instead of digging through your bag at security, have your passport and boarding pass handy. When going through security, remember to remove your jackets, belts, jewelry, laptop, liquids, and electronics.

Wait your turn


Just because the plane has landed, doesn’t mean you should hop off and exit the plane before everyone else. Wait your turn and exit the plane according to your row. 

What tips do you have for not being an annoying passenger?

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