8 Best Vacation Cities for Dads
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Photo Credit: Getty Images

8 Best Vacation Cities for Dads

Rachel George
Rachel George Sep 9, 2019

Whether you’re married or single, dads need a vacation too and I’m not talking about just spending time in their “man cave.” Dads need just as much restoration and rejuvenation as moms. It’s a tough job making sure that the wife is happy, the kids go to bed by 9, the trash is taken out, etc. Sometimes, dad just needs a little time to get away.

Here are 8 of the best cities for a dad-cation.

Drink Bourbon and Whiskey in New Orleans

Experience a whiskey tasting the NOLA way. The Drink Lab offers a two-hour masterclass in learning the history of the best selections. Plus, New Orleans has some of the best restaurants for Shrimp n Grits, Gumbo and their famous beignets in the French Quarter.

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Catch a Seafood Vibe in Miami

Relax and catch a vibe at Lil Green House Grill, located in Miami historic Overton community. Their menu features BBQ rib tips, smoked wings, fire shrimp, and handcrafted seafood cakes made with homemade aioli. If you’re not too full, check out the murals in Wynwood District.

Handcrafted seafood cakes made with homemade aioli.

Smoke A Cigar in Austin

I’ve been told the best way to enjoy a cigar is on a boat or at a cigar lounge. Habana House Cigar Lounge offers the best selection of cigars and accessories. Float on Lake Austin in ski boat or wakeboard rentals.

Savor Seattle In the Air

Unless you’re afraid of heights, enjoy a view of the skyline of the city one of the largest Ferris wheels in the world from 175 feet in the air. The best way to savor comfort food and drinks in Seattle in on a guided food tour that will leave you in a food coma.

The Great Wheel in Seattle Washington

Drink Coffee at the Sneaker Shop in Portland

Deadstock Coffee isn’t exactly a sneaker shop but they do have sneaker-inspired coffee beverages named after your favorite athletes and sports teams. Supposedly, their Arnold Palmer is Lebron James’ favorite drink, although that hasn’t been confirmed.

Drink Responsibly and Laugh Out Loud on the Funny Bus in Charlotte

Drink responsibly at one of 56 breweries in the Charlotte area. Rain or shine, the Funny Bus is like a comedy show on wheels. Plus, you can enjoy a tour of the city. Afterward, relax and rejuvenate yourself at the “Man Cave for Nail Care.”

The Funny Bus

Score a Birdie in Kansas City

Golf season begins next month, which means you’ll have more than enough time to brush up on your putting skills at one of Kansas City’s public golf courses. When you get a chance, check the local music scene featuring intimate music lineups and fantastic venues.

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Cruise The Riverwalk In San Antonio

First-time visitors will appreciate San Antonio’s festive and cultural happenings. Purchase a Go San Antonio pass for a 30-minute historical cruise along the city’s rivers.

Meet The Locals: Seattle

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