These 7 Towns Are Paying People To Relocate, Especially Remote Workers
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These 7 Towns Are Paying People To Relocate, Especially Remote Workers

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Jul 28, 2020

This global pandemic has shifted the way many industries and companies conduct their business. Many have moved to remote work to avoid in-person interactions until it is safe again and several companies have decided to implement remote work on a more permanent basis.

On the flip side, the pandemic has wreaked havoc on economies across the globe, as tourism and travel as a whole have slowed down tremendously. To help make up for the lost revenue or to simply boost their economy, seven towns across the globe have implemented paid incentive programs to attract new residents.

While this list only features seven, we are sure that more will come in the near future.

Officials in Kansas introduced an initiative in 2019 to persuade employees of local businesses to actually purchase homes, in hopes that it would keep them there long term. An incentive of up to $15,000 was being offered and officials are now looking to open it up to remote workers willing to make Topeka their home as well.

Early this year, the Savannah Economic Development Authority began offering up to $2,000 in relocation expenses to remote tech workers. They are hoping to attract more remote workers from other industries with the pandemic happening.

“The goal is that they move here and make Savannah their home,” Jennifer Bonnett Vice President of innovation and entrepreneurship for the authority said in a statement.

This hasn’t exactly been the friendliest place for Black and brown people in the past, but an initiative to draw in more remote workers may be tempting. Creators of this initiative are offering up to $10,000 in cash for remote workers to move to Tulsa long-term.

Looking to get out of the U.S.? Several small Italian cities are nearly begging people to move there. While you may not be able to get in just yet as an American citizen, once you do you could receive nearly $34,000 for relocating your family there.

The only main stipulation is that you have to be under 40 years old.

You’ve likely seen the articles circulating about this Italian town offering homes for as little as 1 Euro, which is only $1.10. They are still going strong with this plan in hopes that nearly 100 people will relocate and renovate the homes, which will eventually help reignite the town’s economy.

This Northern Italy mountain village is attempting to draw people in by offering rent-free homes for up to four years. They are looking for couples age 18-40 to come live and do charitable work in the community.

If you are under 55, this Southern Japanese region will pay you $800 (85,000 yen) each month to live there for three years. You will also receive a lump sum of about $3,000 too.

There are said to be additional incentives for couples or those with children.

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