7 Necessities Every Traveler Should Have Before Turning 30
Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

7 Necessities Every Traveler Should Have Before Turning 30

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Feb 25, 2020

Growing up, I always thought of turning 30 as officially being old. However, the closer I get to 30, the more I realized that it’s just the beginning of life. Our 20s are about adventure and finding ourselves and with that comes plenty of travel so it’s only right we’re fully prepared for more travel in our 30s. 

The more you travel, the more you realize there are certain things you definitely need to make your time abroad an impeccable experience. 

Through trial and error, we’ve come up with a solid list of items every traveler should have before turning 30. 

A Travel Rewards Credit Card

Building credit is a super vital part of your 20s. There are so many benefits of having good credit, like buying a car, renting an apartment and purchasing a house. 

Getting a credit card that has travel rewards is great because you can use the points earned to upgrade to business class on flights, stay in 5-star hotels and find cheaper flights. 

A Quality Suitcase

Having a sturdy suitcase is so, so important. Purchasing an expensive suitcase may seem excessive at first, but it’s definitely an investment. It’s important to purchase luggage that will last for years, has many compartments and will make your travel experience effortless. 

Experience Traveling Solo 

Your 20s will break you and also build you up while teaching you things about yourself you never knew. Traveling solo is a great way to learn more about yourself, your travel style and how you interact with people of different cultures. 

For me, traveling solo is great because you get to explore on your own terms while having time to reflect and observe your surroundings uninterrupted. 

Wrinkle-Free Travel Clothes

Ok, so sometimes, you’re just not able to access an iron while in transit and nothing is worse than walking around with wrinkled clothes. Purchasing clothing that isn’t easily wrinkled or wrinkle-free, is a sure way to always look put together while abroad. 

Universal Adapter And Converter

Having a multi-country adapter is ideal for travel so you can always be connected. With this, you’ll be able to plug in your phone, laptop, charger, camera…etc. in any country. 

Lightweight Camera

Of course, when traveling, you’re going to want to document it through photos and videos. While your phone is a great option, sometimes having a camera adds a bit more oomph to your images. 

Investing in a lightweight, mirrorless camera is great because it’s compact and easy to carry around all day. You can also purchase additional lenses to up the quality of your shots. 

Portable Charger

Imagine being in the middle of a new city and your phone goes dead!? You can avoid that by purchasing a portable charger. Having a portable charger ensures that you’re never caught slipping with a dead phone while abroad. 

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