Ex-Cruise Ship Workers Share The 7 Most Annoying Things You Can Do As A Passenger
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Photo Credit: Getty Images

Ex-Cruise Ship Workers Share The 7 Most Annoying Things You Can Do As A Passenger

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Mar 6, 2020

Have you ever thought of what cruise ship employees really think of passengers? Like what annoys them and what you as a passenger can do to build a good rapport with the employees while on a cruise? 

If you have, Business Insider recently got to the nitty-gritty by speaking with 39 current and former cruise ship employees. 

Here’s what they said:

Bad Hygiene

Cleanliness is super important when on a cruise, especially in the times of the Coronavirus. 

A former employee at Royal Caribbean Cruises said, “When they [passengers] don’t wash their hands after going to the toilet or grabbing food directly from the buffet with their hands.”

Messy Eating

Staying on the topic of cleanliness, employees find it annoying when passengers take food and walk all over the cruise ship leaving their mess behind. 

Aida Carvahlo, a former HR manager for MSC Cruises, Viking Cruises and Holland America Line tells Business Insider, “Young passengers usually take food and beverages to their cabins, leaving a trail of crumbs and debris along the way. After eating, they leave plates and glasses through the hallways or cabins. Housekeeping staff sometimes find rotten food under beds.”

Acting A Fool

Sometimes people leave their homes and act in ways they normally wouldn’t. 

A former Royal Caribbean first officer says, “They [passengers] behave in a way they would never do at home. Like would you ever call 911 if the internet does not work or your toilet does not flush?”

Going To Dinner Right Before It’s Over

Imagine staff getting ready to close up after a long day and you walk in ready to have dinner. A former hostess for Carnival said that going to the dining room moments before it closes is extremely annoying. 

Asking Questions You Could Have Easily Found The Answer To

Employees find it annoying when you ask them questions you could have found the answers to by reading or checking guest services. 

“I lost valuable time and money, since my income was based on my sales,” said a former waitress for Carnival. 

Not Listening To Safety Drills 

When an employee is giving safety drill instructions and everyone is talking amongst themselves and not paying attention, the employee often feels extremely annoyed. 

Regardless of if you’ve heard the instructions before, it’s common courtesy to at least remain quiet. 

Spending Too Much Time At Ports

When stopping in ports, you’re given an allotted time before having to return to the ship. Some people take advantage of the situation and overstay their time. 

Chad Stone, former production manager for Seabourn Cruise Line says, “This was a massive deal because we would end up paying more in port fees if we stayed too long, or we would end up having to wait for larger ships to leave, putting us in a large queue of departing ships. The captain would have to make up for it en route, making for a bit rougher of a ride to the next port.”

So the next time you go on a cruise, keep in mind what annoys the cruise employees, so everyone can enjoy the experience. 

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