There are travelers who have to have an organized itinerary when exploring a destination and then there are those who thrive off of spontaneity. Traveling without a set itinerary has its perks, such as discovering new gems, experiencing a city like the locals, and not being pressured to cram a bunch of activities into a few days. 

For those who thrive off of the unknown, here are 7 cities where having an itinerary isn’t necessary:

Ventura, California

Located an hour and a half out side of Los Angeles, this city is perfect for relaxing at the beach and being outdoors. The locals are super friendly and laid back and are open to offering suggestions of places to go in Ventura. Visit Channel Islands National Park for a chance to spot dolphins, seals and whales year-round. 

Washington, D.C.

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The nation’s capital city is just as vibrant as it is diverse. There is so much to do here and all of the various cultures will have you feeling like you’ve traveled abroad. From historic buildings to free Smithsonian museums and amazing food spots — D.C. is ideal for the traveler who loves to explore freely. 

Seattle, Washington

This west coast city has amazing coffee, seafood, art museums and nightlife. If you’re into exploring islands, head to Elliott Bay. The downtown area is really cool and you can find amazing Asian cuisine and craft beer there. 

Nashville, Tennessee

Head down south to one of the fastest growing cities in America. Nashville is the perfect city to spend hours exploring its music scene, restaurants, historic sites and getting to know the locals. 

New York City, New York

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It’s no secret that NYC is referred to as “the city that never sleeps” and with good reason. You can literally walk for hours in this city and never get bored. From the parks to restaurants and shopping, you definitely won’t need an itinerary when exploring the Big Apple. 

Chicago, Illinois

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Chicago is best visited when its warm outside because the winters are freezing! When in this amazing city, you have to visit Millennium Park to see its bean statue. You should also take time to walk around and take in all the amazing architecture the city has to offer in addition to the amazing food. 

Denver, Colorado 

If you’re a lover of city life and the adventure of the great outdoors, Denver is for you. The city is very clean with friendly locals and a great restaurant scene — perfect for those who like to explore without being subjected to an itinerary.