6 Ways To Honor Earth Day From Home On April 22
Photo Credit: @criene via Twenty20

Photo Credit: @criene via Twenty20

6 Ways To Honor Earth Day From Home On April 22

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Leah Freeman-Haskin
Leah Freeman-Haskin Apr 20, 2020

April 22 is Earth Day and this year, it’s especially relevant to celebrate our planet and our global connectedness. If social distancing and stay home orders, have you stuck inside, here are a few important ways you can still celebrate Earth Day and show your gratitude toward this rock we all call home.

Donate To An Environmental Organization

From Greenpeace to the World Wildlife Fund, there are many organizations that devote their time to conserving nature and reducing threats to the diversity of life on Earth. Take a few minutes to find the organization whose mission inspires you most, and denote what you can.

Stop Drinking Bottled Water

We have all seen the damage plastic waste is doing around the world. From our oceans to our forests, plastic waste is wreaking havoc on our environment and the very systems that support life on our planet. Take a moment to order a reusable, BPA-free water bottle, and if you can, buy one for a friend as well.

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Get Out In Nature

With many parks and public spaces closed these days, getting out in nature is difficult in some neighborhoods.  But taking walks, bike riding, or just standing outside in the sunshine are all easy ways to get outside and bask in the gratitude you have for our planet.

Buy A Tree Certificate

According to the website, when you buy a Stand For Trees certificate, you are helping to fight both tropical deforestation and climate change, helping to save some of the world’s most spectacular forest landscapes and helping to protect the communities and wildlife that call them home. Starting at just $10, you can plant a tree in an area at risk of deforestation.

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Start A Garden

Contrary to many beliefs, when it comes to starting a garden, space is not an issue. You can grow plants just about anywhere. Whether you have an acre of land or just a few square feet on your balcony, you could be growing your own fruits, vegetables, and herbs in no time.  

Some examples of resilient plants for low-maintenance urban gardening include:

  • coneflowers
  • yucca
  • hens and chicks
  • petunia
  • zinnia
  • daylily

You can grow these plants in containers or hanging baskets to maximize space.

Build A Birdhouse

This is a great family-friendly project to do with the kids. Birdhouses can offer protection for birds, food, and a safe space to lay their eggs.  The Spruce offers a few suggestions for DIY birdhouse plans to get you started. Most of the materials can be ordered online and you may be able to find common items already in your home.

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