6 Activities In Grenada For The Explorer, Adventurer & Foodie
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

6 Activities In Grenada For The Explorer, Adventurer & Foodie

Stephanie Ogbogu
Stephanie Ogbogu Aug 13, 2019

Lounging on the beach is great, but for the adventurer or explorer, too much “relaxation” can eventually become boring. If you’re thinking about vacationing in Grenada and you want to do more than hang on the beach, here are 6 other ways you can explore.

Dune Buggy / Jeep Tour

There’s no better way to learn about your surroundings than embarking on a tour and there’s nothing more exciting than driving a dune buggy while doing so. Grenada offers dune buggy, open jeep, and 4-wheeler tours that take you through the city. You can choose between short tours that last only a few hours or tours that will last all day. The tours will take you through St. George’s and go all the way up to Annandale Waterfalls. Both Island Routes and Sun Hunters are great tour guides.

Sun Hunters Dunne Buggy Tour

Tour A Chocolate Factory

Besides their spices, Grenada is known for cocoa. They love chocolate so much that in May, they host the Chocolate Festival, which features everything from tastings to chocolate massages.

The country has 5 chocolate factories: Belmont Estate, Jouvay, Grenada Chocolate Company, Crawfish Bay and Tri-Island Chocolate. They’re all available for tours and offer insight on how to be a cocoa farmer and the bean-to-bar process.

Belmont Estate is West Indian-owned and includes a chocolate farm, factory, retailer and full farm-to-table restaurant. They don’t sell pork or alcohol on the premises, however, but after your finished filling your belly, it’s an amazing experience to find out how chocolate bars are made.

Belmont Estate

River Tubing

Need to get your adrenaline pumping? Tubing at Balthazar River will do the trick! Head down to Grand Etang National Park and Forest Reserve, grab a tube, and float down the river with your buds. Enjoy the sights while the waters offer a perfect mix of chaos and serenity. This is an adventure that Funtastic Island Adventures offers and it’s tons of fun.

Funtastic Island Adventures

Snorkeling/Scuba Diving

Snorkeling and diving are offered on almost any resort on the island. The waters in Grenada are warm and crystal clear, so if you’re in the mood to see beautiful fish, sea turtles, and other aquatic animals, you’ll have no problems there.

You can also stop by Molinaire Reef and check out the infamous underwater sculpture park.

Enjoy Some Street Food

Like most of the Caribbean, Grenada is known for its delicious food and they love to eat! Because they’re known as Spice Island, it’s expected that the food in Grenada will be flavorful and plentiful. If you’d like to get your hands on some authentic flavors of the island, you have multiple opportunities to do so.

Every Wednesday at True Blue Bay Resort’s Dodgy Dock restaurant is Street Food Wednesdays. For a small (very small) fee, you can enjoy an all-you-can-eat taste of Grenada. Enjoy foods that are native to the culture, as well as other foods you may be more familiar with like BBQ chicken and fried fish. The country’s official dish, Oil Down, is a must try and when you’re done, definitely try a delicious serving of nutmeg ice cream for dessert.

Street Food Wednesdays at Dodgy Dock

Street Food Wednesdays is only a taste of what you can expect at Sunset City Food Festival, which takes place on the last Saturday of every month in Saint Mark. The food festival begins at 6 pm and you can expect to eat until you fall over all night long.

Take A Dip In The Sulfer Hot Springs

You absolutely cannot leave Grenada without experiencing the Clabony Sulphur Springs, located north of Grand Entang.  Clabony Sulphur Springs is one of the natural volcanic hot springs on the island. The warm water is very calming, with healing properties, so once you take a dip, you’ll never want to get out. The best part is that it’s one of the easier hot springs to get to, as it only requires a light hike.

Clabony Sulphur Springs

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