6  Mistakes To Avoid When Taking A Road Trip This Summer
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Photo Credit: Getty Images

6 Mistakes To Avoid When Taking A Road Trip This Summer

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Aug 10, 2020

Road trips have become the preferred way to travel this summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of us are so accustomed to hopping on a plane that planning a stress-free road trip has become a learning curve. 

Of course having a car, place to go, and GPS to tell us how to get there are necessary, but there’s more you should know when planning a road trip. 

Here simple mistakes you can avoid when going on a road trip. 

Not Being Organized 

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Be sure to organize necessary items like paper towels, hand sanitizer, extra masks, wet wipes, water bottles, etc. Pack these in your car last to ensure they will be easily accessible while driving. 

Not Packing An Emergency Kit

You never know what can happen while on the road, so it’s better to stay ready rather than get read. Your emergency kit should include jumper cables, a spare battery, a flashlight, extra water, bandages, pain reliever, and energy bars. 

Not Tuning Up Your Car Prior To Departing

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When driving for long distances, it’s vital to tune up your car. It’s best to get a tune up a week before departing on your road trip. Make sure to get your brakes and engine checked. 

Leaving Without Taking Care Of Your Home

This one is especially important for the plant parents — don’t leave home without making sure your plants are taken care of while you’re gone. Other things you should think of are your lawn, mail, and your security system. 

Not Packing Food And Drinks

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Never leave home without packing food, snacks, and drinks. Although there will be restaurants and gas stations along the way, it’s cheaper to pack your own food and drinks. 

Not Stretching Your Legs Enough Along The Way

Driving for many hours at a time isn’t the best idea. In order to stay fresh and keep your body moving, it’s necessary to stop along the way and stretch your legs. 

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