This Millionaire Will Pay You $55,000/Year To Travel The World Taking Instagram Pics Of Him
Photo Credit: Photo via Canva

Photo Credit: Photo via Canva

This Millionaire Will Pay You $55,000/Year To Travel The World Taking Instagram Pics Of Him

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Leah Freeman-Haskin
Leah Freeman-Haskin Dec 27, 2019

Meet 27-year old, Australian-based entrepreneur Matthew Lepre, the man who wants to pay you $55,000 a year to travel the world with him and take his pictures for Instagram.

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The requirements of the job are simple, and no experience in needed. All you need is a smartphone and a desire to see the world. “Now hiring a Personal Photographer to take my insta pics while I travel the world,” Lepre wrote on Instagram.

In addition to your annual salary, all expenses will be paid for, and you can bring a friend. To apply, simply go on Instagram and follow @matthewlepre and @ecomwarrior, the company that Lepre founded. You also need to tag a friend and submit your details to the Ecom Warrior Academy website where you will be asked to describe what makes you the perfect fit for the role in 300 words or less. That’s it.

According to Travel & Leisure, Lepre makes $120,000 a month and spends most of his time doing business in countries all over the globe.

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“During the past year alone I have managed to grow my business while traveling to UAE, Indonesia, USA, NZ, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland and Thailand, and up until now, have relied on my best friend to be there to take photos on his phone,” Lepre told Daily Mail. “My business has now expanded rapidly and I need my mate, Mitch, to be there to work in other areas… So I’m now putting the open call out to the world for someone to be there to fill this role.” 

Not bad for a full-time gig. The winner will be announced May 31, 2020.

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