53 Countries Later: This Couple Has Advice For Travel Baes
Photo Credit: The Bahamas Instagram | @dynastyking215

Photo Credit: The Bahamas Instagram | @dynastyking215

53 Countries Later: This Couple Has Advice For Travel Baes

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Jul 11, 2019

Even with their busy schedules, Daquan and Jamar make traveling together with each other a priority in their marriage.

Daquan is the CEO of Dynasty Spirit Elite All Stars, a successful all-star cheerleading and dance program in Philadelphia, and Jamar is the founder of Urban Gent Entertainment, hosting events around the city.

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It’s no question that the duo is busy with their own projects but they have traveled to more than 50 countries during their eight-year relationship, including three years of marriage.

The AIA Great European Carnival in Hong Kong
Instagram | @dynastyking215

From China, Thailand, Mexico, and the Bahamas, the couple has some advice for traveling couples:

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Travel Noire: What’s your favorite country so far and why?

Johnson-Thompson’s: Hong Kong! Love the architecture, the mountain and sea view, and the shopping!

TN: What do you think is the best part about traveling together?

Johnson-Thompson’s: New experiences and new memories shared that will last a lifetime.

Phuket, Thailand
Instagram | @dynastyking215

TN: Any advice would you give traveling couples?

Johnson-Thompson’s: Yes, don’t over plan. Enjoy your time together and just take it all in.

TN: What’s next on your list?

Johnson-Thompson’s: Brazil and London!

The Bahamas Instagram | @dynastyking215

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