50% off Zero To Fluent Quickstart by Fluent in Five
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

50% off Zero To Fluent Quickstart by Fluent in Five

Travel Noire
Travel Noire Apr 7, 2019

Looking to travel confidently? Learning a language could help with that! Get fluent in Spanish in a few short weeks. Wow them with your Arabic in Dubai. Make a lasting impression in Nairobi. Impress them with your French in Paris. Speak impeccable Hindi while in Mumbai. Wherever you are going, learn that language through Fluent in Five’s Quickstart program!

Take this  4-week full-immersion online course for language learners like you who want to get fluent in a foreign language. Join a fun and exciting journey to get fluent and stay fluent well after your travels come to an end. Fluent In Five is offering an exclusive discount to Travel Noire members that cannot be found anywhere else. Join this program to start speaking fluently at a conversational level so you can make meaningful connections while you’re abroad.  After the program, you’ll also have lifetime access to a community of Travel Noire language learners just like you.

What’s Included:

  1. Zero To Fluent Quickstart language coursebook
  2. 16 hours of interactive language instruction in small groups
  3. Lifetime Access to a community of language learners with free weekly tips and tutorials
  4. 24/7 Q&A support from instructors at the Zero To Fluent helpdesk during the program

Who is the Zero To Fluent Quickstart program for?

The Zero To Fluent Quickstart Program is the perfect starting point for anyone who wants to start learning a language and join a community of language learners who are also on the same path. It provides you with conversational skills that will help you both during and after your travels.  After you complete the program, you can also join the Zero To Fluent extended program to enroll in a more specialized curriculum that suits your personal and/or professional endeavors. As a Travel Noire exclusive member, you will also receive a special discount to that 6-month program.

Travel Noire exclusive members fee: $495 (available only with 50% off promo code. Original fee is $995). Use Code TRAVELNOIRE

Discount expires December 31, 2019

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