5 Ways Your Phone Can Help You With Travel
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Getty Images.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Getty Images.

5 Ways Your Phone Can Help You With Travel

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R. Peña
R. Peña Sep 1, 2022

It’s most likely we use our phones for so many other things in a day. Social media, staying in touch with loved ones, and even doing a little shopping from time to time. But do you truly know how useful your smartphone is when it can come to travel? From making sure you don’t get lost on the hilly streets of Palermo, to getting access to the best lounges in Singapore airport. Here are five ways that your phone can make jet setting a breeze.

1. Google Maps Offline

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By now most of us are familiar with Google Maps and use it almost every day of our lives to find the nearest Starbucks or get some ice cream. But another great feature that comes with this app is its “Maps Offline” feature. Right before you visit any new destination, just choose the city or country of your choice and download the map. This comes in handy in case you’re in some part of the world that doesn’t have an internet connection. Google Maps can still provide you with accurate directions and you’ll never get lost again.

2. Digital Wallet

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Losing your physical wallet while traveling or on vacation can be a nightmare. With Google Wallet or Apple Wallet you’re able to save your credit cards and use them for purchases just like your physical cards. You can also add your boarding passes, hotel membership cards, priority pass, and tickets to shows and sporting events.

3. Translator Apps

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Translation apps have come a long way since the early 2000’s. Now you can use your smartphone camera to translate signs in foreign places or get directions from a local by having them speak into your phone and the app translates for you.

4. Currency Exchange Apps

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Whether you’re in South America or South East Asia the currency changes after every border you cross. If you need to find out the value of your Thai Baht in Cambodian Rial a currency app can you give the most up to date exchange rate for your money.

5. Find Your Parked Car

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Another feature from Google Maps many of us may not know about is how to find your parked car. By setting your phone’s location services set to “always” Google Maps will take note of your activity and pinpoint where you parked. What can also make this service accurate is if you always connect your car to the phone to get the best results.

You can also remember to go into google maps as soon as you park and save your parking location on to the Google Map until its no longer needed.

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