5 Ways To Plan A Safecation This Summer
Photo Credit: @Elisall via Twenty20

Photo Credit: @Elisall via Twenty20

5 Ways To Plan A Safecation This Summer

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Jun 3, 2020

June marks the official start of summer and with that usually comes barbecues, pool parties, and traveling —- lots and lots of traveling. This year, things are looking a bit different, and we are learning new ways to enjoy our usual activities. 

Travelocity is helping us to pivot with their prediction of The Safecation. 

Safe•ca•tion – (noun) A mini getaway to destinations that are cleared for safe travel during this time.

According to the popular travel site, “72% of travelers say health & safety are their top priority when deciding where and when to travel post-COVID-19.” Travelocity’s travel experts weighed in on what we can do to plan our own safe cations in the months to come. 

A lot of airlines are offering discounted airfare and even waiving change and cancellation fees until the end of 2020. Major airlines like American and Delta are great choices if you’re looking for companies with flexible change and cancellation policies. 


Travelocity has filters on its website which makes it easier to find hotels with free cancellation. 

Travelocity advises travelers to book travel at least 60 days prior to the travel date for better deals. 

Hotels are now highlighting their updated sanitation policies on their sites which include whether or not they offer hand sanitizer for guests, contactless check-in/check-out, social distancing policies, etc. 

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Searching for this information beforehand ensures you stay at the hotel with the best intentions for keeping travelers healthy and safe. 

According to Travelocity research findings, most travelers are booking hotels within a 100-mile radius of their homes. 

Travelers have also been booking domestic travel and taking road trips. 

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This summer, think of visiting places in your state that you’ve always wanted to travel to but never had the chance. 

Plan to travel during non-peak times like Saturday-Monday or during the week to avoid large crowds. 

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