If you’re looking for a fun way to spice up your next vacation, try falling asleep to the view of the sea while in the comfort of your own room. Underwater hotels are perfect for peaceful sleeping and the excitement of experiencing undersea life up close and personal. 

Here are 5 underwater hotels around the world!

This one is for all of the lovers out there. Thanks to Oliver’s Travel, this experience will allow you to spend a few days sleeping in a submarine. There will also be a captain, chef, and butler to ensure your stay is impeccable. 


Travelers even get to choose where the submarine is moored!

Located on the island of Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, this hotel offers underwater suites with views of the resort’s aquarium, Ambassador Lagoon. 


Whether you spend your days sunbathing or shopping, your nights will be spent viewing the calming waters and seeing stingrays, zebra sharks and jellyfish pass by you as you doze off to sleep. 


Sleep in a room submerged 13 feet in the Indian Ocean with views of octopi, squid, and more. Meals are served in your room at scheduled times, giving the feel of complete seclusion and peace. 


This two-story suite gives guests the best of both worlds. The top-level has a jacuzzi and the lower level has remarkable views of about 40,000 vibrant fish swimming. There is also a 24-hour butler service at your disposal. 


Located in the Songjiang district, this hotel has two floors underwater with underwater swimming pools and 6 underwater suites. Guests can enjoy the nightly water show, go rock climbing or go zip-lining!