5 Travel Scams You Should Look Out For On Your Next Vacation
Photo Credit: Young man is withdrawing money from an ATM

Photo Credit: Young man is withdrawing money from an ATM

5 Travel Scams You Should Look Out For On Your Next Vacation

Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Jul 22, 2020

It doesn’t matter how experienced a traveler you are, anyone is capable of getting scammed while being a tourist. Getting scammed is nothing to be ashamed of, as it happens to the best of us. 

Many of the scams around the world are pretty common and we’ve rounded up a list of them so you won’t “get got” next time. 

Friendly And Flirtatious Strangers

Men are more likely to be victims of this scam while at a bar or nightclub abroad. You’ll notice that you’re getting a lot of attention and before you know it, you have a new drinking partner. Things are fun and then suddenly your new friend goes missing. You end up being stuck with the bill and most likely have been robbed of any cash you had.

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Be extra careful when traveling and opening your wallet or tab in front of strangers. 

Taxi Scams

Taxi drivers have the ability to smell tourists from miles away. Be aware of drivers who tell you that the meter is broken as soon as the ride starts. Once this happens, they will begin to tell you overly inflated prices for your ride.

Also be aware of drivers who get lost. This is usually a scam so they drive around for extra miles. 

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To be on the safe side, negotiate a price before entering the taxi. You can do this by calling a taxi over the phone or negotiating with the driver at a taxi rank.

Found A Piece Of Jewelry Scam

This scam is very popular among professional scammers. You will be walking and a stranger will randomly appear and point out a piece of jewelry, usually a ring on the floor. They will then pick the item up and try to convince you that you dropped it. They will then usually demand a reward or if you insist it’s not yours, they will try to convince you that it’s worth a lot and try to sell the item to you for a cheap price. 

If someone approaches you saying you dropped something, it’s best to keep it moving, especially if you’re 100% sure the item isn’t yours. 

Jet Ski And Scooter Scam 

As most of us head to the beach this summer, it’s important we acknowledge this very common scam. Usually if you rent a jet ski or scooter at the beach, the vendor will ask you to leave your passport as a security deposit. That’s fine, but the scam is when you return the jet ski or scooter, the scammer will tell you that you damaged the vehicle and you’ll need to pay a fee. 

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It would be hard to prove otherwise without proof, so always make sure you check the vehicle thoroughly before renting it and take photos with a timestamp for proof. 

A Closed Accommodation

This is another scam done by taxi drivers — the driver will tell you that the hotel or hostel you’re heading to is closed even though it’s not. Don’t fall for this, tell them that you still want to go to the location. 

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