5 Things To Keep In Mind To Find Cheap Rates On Hotel Rooms
Photo Credit: Photo by AllGo - An App For Plus Size People on Unsplash

Photo Credit: Photo by AllGo - An App For Plus Size People on Unsplash

5 Things To Keep In Mind To Find Cheap Rates On Hotel Rooms

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Jun 16, 2022

Staying in a hotel can be costly, especially with the rise in prices. Booking accommodations take up a huge chunk of travelers’ budgets, along with airfare. 

Many travelers prefer hotels over hostels and house-sharing websites because of the comfort, 24/7 service, and safety. 

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Booking a nice hotel doesn’t have to be overwhelming or break the bank. 

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Here are 5 tips to keep in mind when landing a cheap hotel room:

Book during the week

Most travelers tend to look for hotel room check-ins on the weekend. Instead of looking for hotel check-in dates on Saturday and Sunday, look at bookings for Monday through Thursday. A lot of hotels offer discounted rates during the week as well.

Search for coupons

If you want to find a good deal, you have to search for it. Most hotels don’t offer coupon codes directly, but you can search for them using third-party booking websites.

Sites like Kayak, Hotels.com, Expedia, Tripadvisor, and Hotel Tonight are great sites to find coupons.

Use your credit card rewards

If you have a credit card with points perks, you may be eligible to cash in your points for a free hotel stay. Credit cards usually offer discounts on select hotels when you book off of sites like Hotels.com.

Travel hack: use your credit card on major purchases to build points so you can cash them in for hotel bookings.

Price match

If a competitor hotel is charging less, you can ask the hotel you want to stay at the match the rate. Hotel booking sites and hotels usually price match as long as you show proof of the competitor’s rate.

Book with a travel agent

Travel agents are still out there and are still a really great option when planning a vacation. Travel agencies and agents have connections with providers such as hotels. They can use the relationships they’ve built over the years to find a great deal on your hotel room rate.

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