5 Things To Do On The African Island Of Zanzibar
Photo Credit: Majkl Velner

Photo Credit: Majkl Velner

5 Things To Do On The African Island Of Zanzibar

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Ayah A.
Ayah A. Apr 29, 2021

The African island of Zanzibar is one of Africa’s hot spots, offering a plethora of fun and exciting activities. Whether you’re a foodie, animal lover, or history buff, the island has something for everyone. Not to be confused with Madagascar, which sits farther off mainland Africa.

These are five of the best things to do in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Snorkeling at Nakupenda

Boy snorkeling on the island.
Photo credit: Claude Piche


Zanzibar’s coral reefs are home to an abundance of marine life species. This makes snorkeling one of the best things to do there. One great location for snorkeling is Nakupenda. Nakupenda (which means ‘I love you’ in Swahili) is a sandbank in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Some tour guides offer a seafood lunch buffet as part of the Nakupenda excursion. This is something you definitely do not want to miss.

Baraka Natural Aquarium

Sea turtles at Baraka Natural Aquarium on the African island of Zanzibar, Tanzania.
Photo credit: Ayah A.


Visitors to Baraka Natural Aquarium in Nungwi have the unique opportunity to swim with endangered sea turtles. The aquarium functions as a rescue and rehabilitation center for turtles who have been injured in fishermen’s nets.

These turtles are brought to the aquarium, where they are nursed back to health and released back into the ocean.

Forodhani Night Market

Chicken skewers cooking.
Photo credit: Sia Kambou


The Forodhani Night Market is held at Stone Town’s  Forodhani Gardens every night from 6:00 to 9:00. The market features rows of food stalls offering a mix of cuisines reflecting Zanzibar‘s melting pot of cultures.

Favorites include Zanzibari pizza, mishkaki, crêpes, falafel, samosas, sugar cane juice, and, the incredible seafood Zanzibar is known for.

Slave Market

Memorial at Slave Market on the African island of Zanzibar, Tanzania.
Photo credit: Ayah A.


Zanzibar was a major hub in the East African slave trade. Visit the Old Slave Market to remember the countless lives stolen from the Motherland and forced into slavery.

Stepping into the small dungeons with ceilings so low you can not even stand in them, is a truly humbling and disheartening experience sure to inspire deep reflection. The market also has a museum and a monument honoring those taken.

Changuu Island

Giant tortoise at Chenguu Island (Prison Island) on the African island of Zanzibar, Tanzania.
Photo credit: Ayah A.


Changuu Island is commonly known as Prison Island because it was originally intended to be used as one. Instead, it was used to quarantine people infected with yellow fever.

Today, the island is home to giant land tortoises and peacocks, as well as  a hotel, pool, restaurant, and library. Visitors can tour the island, feed the tortoises, and take photos on its lengthy wooden dock jutting out into the turquoise Indian Ocean.

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