Oh, You Travel Travel? 5 Signs Of A Master Traveler
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Oh, You Travel Travel? 5 Signs Of A Master Traveler

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor May 18, 2021

Calling all passport stampers to the room! Do you consider yourself someone who has mastered traveling, especially international travel? Well, we’ll be the judge of that. For people who travel frequently, aka a master traveler, there are some things you just automatically do or know to do.

We put together this list of signs for you to test whether you, too, are a master traveler. And, if you haven’t gotten to this level yet, no worries. The world is opening, so you will soon have plenty of opportunities to level your passport game up.

1. You have frequent flyer accounts with every major airline


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If you know like we know, those frequent flyer miles add up. Not only can you acquire miles by booking flights, some airlines also have partners that allow you to rack up miles from purchases.

A true master traveler also has an airline credit card to boost those points even higher. After all, there’s nothing like flying first class to an overseas location for free or next to nothing.

2. Your toiletry bag is always stocked and ready to go

When you are always on the go, you have to keep the toiletry bag fully stocked and ready, just in case you get that ‘let’s go’ text.

You have even invested in cute TSA-regulated containers that are perfectly labeled with everything including your entire skincare routine— in a travel size.

3. You have CLEAR, Global Entry, and/or TSA Pre-check


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The last thing a master traveler wants is to spend their time waiting in lines at the airport. That’s why they have typically registered for at least one of the agencies that allow for a more expedited process.

To take things up a notch, you also have all of your numbers memorized and can enter them onto a flight reservation in your sleep— if they aren’t already saved in your airline accounts.

4. You can pack a carry-on for a weeklong trip, without issue


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When you got it, you just got it. Master travelers have to pack so often, they have also figured out how to pack nearly any size suitcase for a weeklong trip. We’re talking multiple outfits and the shoes to match, in a bag that can be stored in an overhead bin.

Purchased a basic economy flight and don’t want to check a bag? Hopping from country-to-country in Europe on the train or budget airline carrier? No problem. You either have packing cubes or have a folding/rolling technique that any mom or dad would envy.

5. You have contacts/ connects all over the globe

When you visit destinations often, you start to befriend locals. You typically stay in contact with these new international friends and keep them abreast as to when you will touch down again.

You also have a slew of connections/plugs that come through for you on anything you need, in any part of the world. From drivers, tour operators, and even private chefs— you literally just make a call and the rest is handled.

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