5 Reasons To Add Chattanooga, Tennessee To Your Travel Plans
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

5 Reasons To Add Chattanooga, Tennessee To Your Travel Plans

Chattanooga , United States , Tennessee
DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Dec 20, 2019

If the fact that Trip Advisor ranked Chattanooga in the ‘7 rising U.S. cities that should be on your 2019 travel bucket list’ doesn’t persuade you to visit, we want to add a few more things to the list.

The charming Tennessee city is small but mighty and is easily accessible from several major Southeast destinations.

While we’re about to close out 2019, we definitely think you should give this city a try in 2020. Here are five reasons why.

(1) The Dwell Hotel

It’s not often that people will convince you to visit a city just for a hotel. But, The Dwell (120 E. 10th Street) isn’t just any hotel. This unique, 16-room boutique accommodation is unlike anything you have ever seen. Each guest room is decorated in its own theme and color scheme. With choices like ‘The Pink Flamingo,’ ‘The New Yorker,’ and ‘The Kite,’ you’ll never want to end your stay. There’s even a beautiful soaking tub in each room’s bathroom to provide that extra bit of relaxation after a day of exploring.

Photo by @brokeandabroadlife

If that wasn’t enough, the hallways and the main downstairs area provide some of the best photo ops around. Be sure to clear out plenty of space in your phone or camera, because you won’t want to stop snapping.

(2) The Pedestrian Bridge

Nothing says ‘southern charm’ like a nearly half-mile-long pedestrian bridge the serves as a city’s backdrop. This popular bridge was once the longest pedestrian bridge in the world and Chattanooga residents utilize it for their daily stroll or run.

Courtesy of @brokeandabroadlife

The beautiful rustic blue bridge is the perfect place for a romantic stroll with your significant other or a way to add in a little exercise during your visit. With picturesque mountains in the background, you’ll definitely be in awe.

(3) Local Eats

While each city across the country has its own unique culinary scene, some of the local shops in Chattanooga make this a spot worthy of a visit. Donut fans, you’ll want to check out the city’s Julie Darling Donuts (121 Frazier Avenue). This local favorite bakes up flavors like samoa, pancakes and bacon, as well as key lime pie. Yum!

Photo by @brokeandabroadlife

Just across town is The Hot Chocolatier (1437 Market Street). This ‘all things chocolate’ bakery can whip up over a dozen different flavors of hot chocolate, including a spicy option. You can also indulge in chocolate-dipped Oreos and giant chocolate covered pretzels.

(4) The Aquarium

Chattanooga is home to the state’s largest indoor aquarium. The Tennessee Aquarium (1 Broad Street) is so big that they had to add a second building just to display all of the amazing exhibits that are housed there.

Photo by @brokeandabroadlife

In one building you will find a river journey. These exhibits include an adorable otter display where you can spend hours (literally) watching these lovable creatures swim from end to end. They love to put on a show!

The second building is home to ocean life. Sit and watch the ocean’s most famous wildlife swim in a floor to ceiling tank that can be viewed from multiple points throughout the building. If you really want to be amazed, the butterfly garden will make you feel as though you’ve been transported into a fairytale.

Photo by @brokeandabroadlife

(5) Outdoor art exhibits

What many people don’t know, is that Chattanooga prides itself on being an ‘outdoors’ destination. From kayaking on the river to being able to easily walk to any destination, visitors definitely spend lots of time outdoors while there.

Photo by @brokeandabroadlife

But, a unique characteristic that the city has is that they have also taken a lot of their art scene outdoors too.

In many of the city’s alleyways, you can find fun art installations that change out often. Check out Passageways 2.0 (10 E. 7th Street) which is a permanent alleyway installation that’s also home to fun community events. There’s also a cool umbrella display in the alley behind Peet’s Coffee (819 Chestnut Street).

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