5 Countries That Will Grant Citizenship Based On Your Ancestry
Photo Credit: Muhammadtaha Maaji

Photo Credit: Muhammadtaha Maaji

5 Countries That Will Grant Citizenship Based On Your Ancestry

Argentina , Brazil , Ghana , Ireland , South Africa
Jade Robinson
Jade Robinson Apr 7, 2021

Several countries around the globe will grant citizenship if your parents, grandparents or even great-grandparents were born in said country. Not only will you become a citizen of your family’s native land, but it allows you to have a variety of opportunities such as living, working, voting, and even owning property without the need for a visa.

If you’ve been looking to acquire dual citizenship, here are five countries that will issue you a secondary passport if you meet their requirements.

1. Ireland

Ireland, also known as “The Emerald Isle” for their deep peaks and valleys of greenery, have over 32 million descendants living in the United States.

Irish descendants are mostly found in cities like Boston, New York and New Jersey.

Requirements: Must have at least one parent or grandparent with Irish citizenship.

2. Brazil

Brazil was one of the most frequented destinations during enslavement. Its culture and history are deeply rooted in African and Portuguese ideology.

Requirements: Have at least one parent that is a Brazilian citizen at the time of your birth.

3. Ghana

Ghana known by many as “The Gold Coast”, is truly a sight to see. In 2019, Ghana introduced “The Year of The Return,” signifying the beginning of a 10-year plan to welcome all African Americans a chance to resettle in their motherland.

A citizen of age and capacity of any approved country may upon an application, and with the approval of the President, be registered as a citizen of Ghana (citizen by registration).

4. South Africa

South Africa’s beautiful Cape Coast and popular safaris are one of many destinations non-citizens look to call home some day.

While most African Americans’ ancestry traces back to the continent of Africa, many can’t trace back the actual country or tribe. So, they like to settle in South Africa as a way to connect with their roots.

South African citizenship by naturalization is obtainable when you become a resident for more than four years and show proof of “good character.”

5. Argentina

Argentina is the 8th largest country in the world, and the most Spanish-speaking country. It is home to soccer,  several nature parks and delicious street-food.

Argentina grants dual-citizenship to those who become a resident for 2 years.


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