The 5 Best Natural Hot Springs In The World
Photo Credit: Frank Denney | Unsplash

Photo Credit: Frank Denney | Unsplash

The 5 Best Natural Hot Springs In The World

Chile , Italy , Japan , Turkey
Leah Freeman-Haskin
Leah Freeman-Haskin Jul 3, 2019

Soaking in the healing waters of hot springs is about much more than just relaxation. Hot springs are known to boost blood circulation, promote better sleep, relieve pain, and even heal some skin problems. The healing powers of hot springs have been used for thousands of years, and if you find yourself in any of the destinations below, it would be well worth a stop to soak up some of the rejuvenating benefits. 

Termas de Puritama, Atacama Desert, Chile

Centuries ago, the Atacama people of Chile traveled to these waters to heal themselves from cure rheumatism, arthritis, and fatigue. Today, tourists can enjoy these eight sulfuric water pools that sit between volcanos and geysers in the Atacama Desert. At an altitude of 11,400 feet, you can expect to enjoy the 91.4 degree waters while gazing at the stunning views below. 

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Takaragawa Onsen, Gunma, Japan

Set amongst mountains and ancient trees, Takargawa Osen is one of Japan’s most scenic hot spring destinations. History also says that Samurais traveled down babbling brooks to the hot springs to indulge in the waters’ magical powers that are known to cure cuts and bruises, improve circulation, and relieve arthritis.

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Terme di Saturnia , Saturnia, Italy

Roman nobles frequented these hot spring thermal baths that were said to be created by the God Jupiter. Located in the Tuscan countryside, tourists can enjoy two waterfalls and 98-degree pools created by age-old geological formations of the southernmost part of the Tuscan Maremma, that ensure the spring water is completely pure.

Dunton Hot Springs, Dolores, CO

Dunton Hot Springs is a romantic 1800’s ghost town set in an extraordinary alpine valley. Before its resort-resurrection, the Ute Indians, roamed these summer hunting grounds, and soaked in the restoring waters. The bright red color of these springs gives the area a remarkably mystical feel. Situated in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains, the six pools range in temperate from 85 to 106 degrees.

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Pamukkale, Denizli, Turkey

Pamukkale means, “cotton castle” in Turkish and it’s a natural site that’s located near Denizli in Turkey. The 17 tiered pools were created over centuries as deposited layers of calcium carbonate cooled into white limestone, creating an exquisite white/turquoise natural fountain known to locals as the “sacred pool”. 

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