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5 Best Food And Drink Experiences To Have In Cuba

By Jeffery Smith


Cuba is a country full of rich history, vibrant culture and awesome nightlife, but it’s also home to some great food. The cuisine of Cuba is a fusion of many cultures including African, Caribbean, Spanish and Native American Taino cuisines, and this blend will make your taste buds sing and dance to their own beat. If you plan on making your way to Cuba soon, we’ve put together a list of culinary experiences that you won’t want to miss.


Sipping A Cup Of Cafe Cubano


“The best part of waking up…” If nothing else, Cuba is definitely known for their coffee/espresso. Cuban coffee dates back to 1748 when the first coffee plant was introduced to the country by Jose Antonio Gelabert. Most Cubans will start and sometimes end their day with a strong, small cup of cafe cubano. While you can grab a coffee from any restaurant, bar and street stand, there are some places that give you an experience while enjoying it. Located in one of the main centers in Old Havana, Old Square, Cafe El Escorial is a great place to start your day with your morning coffee. With a nice view and plenty of umbrellas to help block the morning sun, you can start your day here to plan out your Cuban vacation or just to get that amazing Instagram photo with a clever coffee caption!


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Have A Medianoche After A Night Of Dancing 


Medianoche translates to “midnight,” which is exactly when you want to grab this popular Cuban sandwich. It is sold in many nightclubs in Cuba at or around midnight. A pork lover’s dream, this sandwich is made with roast pork, ham, yellow mustard, swiss cheese, sweet pickles and uses a sweet egg dough bread.  Again, this sandwich is popular in Cuba during those late night clubbing hours, so grab one while you’re out dancing to reggaeton at Sala Atril. If you’re choosing a more low-key nightlife experience, be sure to grab a sandwich after enjoying live Cuban jazz at La Zorra y el Cuervo.


Have A Cuban Cocktail On The Beach


Cuba is a great travel destination if you’re looking to visit a place with a warm climate, and if you go, make sure you add Varadero Beach to your list of stops. The beautiful sand and relaxing waves make this the perfect place to enjoy some traditional Cuban cocktails, and you’ll definitely want to enjoy a cocktail that uses pure Cuban rum. I have three top picks to enjoy while tanning out on the beach: 1. Mojito – made with rum, sparkling water, sugar, lime juice, ice and mint. 2. Saoco – made with coconut milk or water, lime juice, sugar and rum.  3. Crema de Vie – made with condensed milk, syrup, egg yolk, vanilla and rum.



Indulge In A Copa Lolita At Parque Jose Marti


Copa lolita is a small caramel flan that’s topped with scoops of vanilla ice cream. Enjoy this cool sweet treat while visiting Parque Jose Marti, which is located in Cienfuegos on the southern coast of Cuba. Here you will find museums, art galleries, music venues, cafes, restaurants, shops and much more.  


Snack On Fried Sweet Plantains And Tostones


Quite possibly the most famous of any Cuban snack food, plantains and/or tostones are a staple of Cuban cuisine. Plantains are fried in hot oil to produce maduros that are more sweet and tender while tostones are fried until they are crispy. These are the perfect snack and easy to manage during your Cuban walking tour or a stop by Mausoleo del Che Guevara.

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