4 Ways To Afford A Post-Lockdown Vacation If Your Funds Are Low
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4 Ways To Afford A Post-Lockdown Vacation If Your Funds Are Low

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Jun 5, 2020

These past three months have been a trying time for us emotionally, mentally, and financially. One of the best ways to celebrate coming out of lockdown is to plan a post-COVID-19 vacation, but for many of us, it can be financially stressful. 

Fortunately, there are strategies we can implement for a cheap vacation without sacrificing the fun. 

Here are 4 cost effective ways you can travel post-COVID-19. 

For this one, you may have to lower your expectations a little. There are still ways to travel without leaving your city or state. Taking a road trip to visit places in your area that you’ve always wanted to visit is a great way to feed your wanderlust. 

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Changing our perspective of what a vacation is can help us experience our cities and states differently. For example, spending the day in a local park you’ve never visited with your loved ones and food can be the reset you’ve been needing. 

Everything ain’t for everybody, but if you’re a lover of the outdoors, then camping may be for you. 

Desert Trail Hike
Young man hiking outdoors on a trail at Phoenix Sonoran Preserve in Phoenix, Arizona.

There are lots of camping friendly destinations all across the US. Kristin Addis, a solo travel blogger tells USA TODAY, “For Americans, there is so much public land and provided that you leave no trace and are not visible from the road, you can find little side roads and go camping for free in much of it. Especially in the American West, like Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and even California, there is so much free camping.”

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Booking a vacation rental is a great idea because you’ll get to stay in a new environment while having access to a kitchen and common areas. While a vacation rental isn’t free, it is a cheaper alternative to staying in a hotel and you can find really luxe homes to relax with family and friends. 

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If you do decide to spend money on a flight and hotel, you can always save money by hitting up the grocery store in the destination you’re visiting. Ordering takeout from restaurants can add up quickly, so head to the grocery store and cook your meals — your wallet will thank you!

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