4 Caribbean-Inspired Valentine’s Day Cocktails You Can Make At Home
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4 Caribbean-Inspired Valentine’s Day Cocktails You Can Make At Home

Nasha Smith
Nasha Smith Feb 3, 2021

Valentine’s Day will look a little bit different this year as we all try to stay safe amid the pandemic. It means a little extra creativity is needed to ensure that your partner feels loved and appreciated.

To get the ball rolling in the right direction, start the evening off with some unique cocktails. Travel Noire consulted with the Four Seasons Resort Nevis and their master mixologist Kendie Williams, to add a dash of flavor to your V-Day plans.

Williams has won multiple industry awards, including “Hotel Bartender of the Year” and “Angostura Mixmaster”, and is renowned for using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients in her creations. Each drink has its own unique vibe thanks to special blends of fruit purées, hot pepper sauce, Caribbean spices, and hand-picked herbs.

Below are four “quintessentially Caribbean” drinks guaranteed to turn your night up several notches.

Ingredients: dark Rum, vanilla Sugar, cherry bitters.

Stir vanilla sugar and cherry bitters into dark rum over ice. Smoke with cherry wood. Garnish with smoked cherry and orange peel.


Ingredients: 5 ounces white rum, brown sugar, Caribbean-style jerk spice, 12 sprigs rosemary(muddled), 2 ounces mango purée, 1 lemon(juiced),2-ounces sugar cane syrup, 4 drips mango-pepper hot sauce, 2 fresh mango wedges, 2 sprigs rosemary(for garnish).

Rim 2 martini glasses with the brown sugar and jerk spice. In a cocktail shaker with ice, combine the rum, mango purée, lemon juice, sugar cane syrup, hot sauce, and muddled rosemary. Shake until cold. Strain into the martini glasses and garnish with mango wedges and rosemary sprig.

Ingredients: 2-ounces dark rum, 2-ounces vanilla rum,1-ounce peach schnapps, 1.5-ounces orange juice, 1.5-ounces passion fruit juice, 1-ounce simple syrup, 1 lime(juiced), fruit pulp (diced orange, lime, lemon and maraschino cherry), 4 dashes Angostura bitters, Ting soda (or grapefruit soda), whole nutmeg.

In a cocktail shaker, mix the rums, schnapps, orange juice, passion fruit juice, simple syrup and lime juice. Pour into 2 glasses, over ice. Into each glass, add 1 spoonful of the fruit pulp and 2 dashes of the bitters. Top with the Ting soda and grate fresh nutmeg over each.

Ingredients: 8 springs mint, ½ lime(diced), 2-ounces mango flavored rum, 3-ounces mango purée, ½ lime(juiced), soda water, lime wheel

In a glass, muddle 7 of the mint sprigs and diced lime. Add the ice, rum, mango purée and lime juice, and stir. Top with soda water. Garnish with remaining mint sprig and lime wheel.

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