4 Countries To Get Your Hair Laid on Vacay
Photo Credit: Photo Credit : Madelin Berry

Photo Credit: Photo Credit : Madelin Berry

4 Countries To Get Your Hair Laid on Vacay

Maggie J.
Maggie J. Feb 17, 2022

Which countries are best to get your hair laid on vacay?

A $300 deposit just to get a hair appointment for 6 weeks out, it’s starting to feel a bit absurd. I’m sure I can get a flight somewhere for that much and enjoy a nice vacation while I’m at it. Then come back with my hair looking laid. 

But what about the maintenance? Well, we have three options. One, maintenance time= vacation time. Two, suck it up and pay the fees to get it maintained at home. Or three, do it your self!

Tips: Order your extensions online and bring them with you on your vacation. Prep your hair yourself. Some of the braiders are simple roadside braiders with little more than a comb, spray bottle and mad skills. Be aware of the tightness of braids too. Let them know if it’s too tight. Otherwise, here’s 4 countries to get your hair laid on vacay.

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Known for their stunning and detailed braid work, Nigeria is on top of the list for hair braiding vacations. Some people report getting their hair braided in Nigeria for as little as $19 or 6,000 Naira.
I am sure some of the more famous stylists charge much more. Get creative with your braids in Nigeria. Everything from bold colors to cool braid patterns.

“Nigerian hair styling is a very personal process that has historical and cultural roots that continue to influence today’s generation,” photographer Medina Dugger told Yahoo.


    Courtesy of Jasmine Ama | Homeowner, Ghana

Type in, ‘hair braiding in Ghana’ on Google and you’ll see legitimate businesses, with reviews, and pop up on Google maps. There must be a demand for tourists getting their hair done in Ghana as there are numerous locations. So, Ghana is on the top of the list of countries to get your hair stayed on vacay.

Ghana is also known for it’s surfing culture. As such, you should be sure to check out the beach while you’re there.

Dominican Republic

French Islands
Leo Moko

Beach braiders are popular in Punta Cana, DR. You can even get your hair braided at your Resort for a tourist price. But head out to the beach and find locals braiding as fast as lightening!

A few different pairs of hands on your head and you’re done in a couple of hours. You may have a hard time convincing them to use extensions but it can be done. Expect to pay between $20 and $50 to get your hair braided here.

South Africa

Johannesburg, or Joburg is a great city in South Africa to get your hair braided. It’s also a great place to get a new lace front installed. Meet Neli! With a deposit of as little as $9 US, you can make an appointment with Neli via WhatsApp. Her styles are on Instagram and she’s open to new designs.

While you’re in Joburg, be sure to get on some Amapiana local music. Explore the city and see it from the Top of Africa, a Johannesburg building with a view of the city.

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