3 Cities, Other Than Lisbon, To Consider While Visiting Portugal
Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of DeAnna Taylor

Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of DeAnna Taylor

3 Cities, Other Than Lisbon, To Consider While Visiting Portugal

DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Jun 26, 2019

Portugal is a European nation full of life and culture. The cobblestone streets and red clay roofs of the homes, present the perfect picture no matter which way you turn.

While many people spend most of their time within Lisbon there are several other cities within a short bus ride from the popular destination.

Check out these 3 cities to consider as you plan your trip to Portugal.


Photo courtesy of DeAnna Taylor

This area of Portugal sits on the coast. You can take a 4-hour bus ride from Lisbon to Algarve, trust me its worth it. The buses are equipped with bathrooms, snacks, and even Wifi so you won’t be totally bored during the ride.

Once you arrive in Algarve, I highly suggest heading to Lagos. Yes, just like the African city. Lagos is home to some of the world’s most picturesque beaches that sit off a cliffside. The town itself has a cute little city-center full of bars, shops, and restaurants.

Photo courtesy of DeAnna Taylor

As far as excursions, the most popular in the area is a boat tour that takes you through the ‘grottos’ aka the caves along the shore. It’s actually really scenic and it doesn’t cost too much.


If you have ever seen people post the super colorful castle while in Portugal, this is where they are. Sintra is only a short 30-40 minute train ride from Lisbon, so you could make this a day trip.

Photo courtesy of DeAnna Taylor

The entire area is full of historical castles and you can utilize a hop on hop off bus system that goes all around the area. You’ll definitely want to use it because there are a ton of hills to get from place to place.

There is a small fee to enter the gates of the castle and you will have to pay even more to physically go inside of it too.


Photo courtesy of DeAnna Taylor

This cute little town is reminiscent of Amsterdam and Venice. In the middle of the town, you will find a small canal that will be filled with colorful gondola boats whisking tourists away during the day.

This town is also known for its famous pastry, Ovos Moles. The dessert is typically shaped like a fish or a seashell and is filled with a special jelly-like filling. It reminds me a lot of sweet potato pie filling.

Photo courtesy of DeAnna Taylor

Tourists flock to the area just to get their hands on boxes of these treats. Other than a little shopping, the canal, and the pastries there isn’t much to do in terms of nightlife. But, it is definitely worth a quick overnight trip just for the photos.

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