There's A $25,000 Taco Being Sold At This Cabo Resort, Here's Why
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

There's A $25,000 Taco Being Sold At This Cabo Resort, Here's Why

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Nov 11, 2020

As the saying goes, “if you got it, you got it.” And if you have an extra $25,000 laying around, you can eat like a King (or Queen) by trying this unique taco in Cabo, Mexico.

Grand Velas Resort initially created the gold-infused tortilla taco for an auction. But, the luxury accommodation later decided to add it to the menu of its Frida restaurant.

“Our ultimate goal at Grand Velas Los Cabos has always been to break the mold of expected, traditional cuisine, continuously striving to go outside of the box to create new, exciting experiences for our well-traveled and culinary-driven guests,” Michel Mustière, the hotel’s culinary director said in a statement. 

According to a real estate broker, who won the initial auction and the chance to try the taco, it’s delicious.

For $25,000 the taco includes langoustine, Kobe beef, Almas Beluga caviar, and black truffle brie cheese. It’s also topped with a salsa consisting of dried Morita chili peppers, Ley.925 ultra-premium añejo tequila, and civet coffee, all served on a gold flake-infused corn tortilla. 

“The most exotic part of this recipe is not the Kobe beef, nor the caviar or the black truffle, but the gold flake-infused corn tortillas and the morita chili salsa prepared with .925 Tequila and kopi luwak coffee, the semi-digested cherry excreta of a civet, a wild cat found throughout Asia.” 

We can only guess that this taco will show us who the real ballers are, once the news spreads across social media.

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