24-Year-Old Woman Drowns In Pool While On Facebook Live
Photo Credit: Jeremy Bishop | Unsplash

Photo Credit: Jeremy Bishop | Unsplash

24-Year-Old Woman Drowns In Pool While On Facebook Live

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Aug 25, 2022

The family of 24-year-old Hellen Wendy Nyabuto is mourning her loss after she tragically drowned while streaming on Facebook live.

The nurse was swimming at the Key Motel in Chatsworth, Ontario when the incident occurred. She was seen smiling and engaging with her viewers in the now-deleted video.

“I’m feeling good,” she’s heard saying moments after going live.

Nyabuto reportedly ducked her head under the pool a few times just fine, but about 10 minutes into the live stream, she was seen struggling to get some air. The video then turned into a nightmare for viewers. She appears to dive into the deeper end of the pool before she’s seen kicking and waving her arms.

She made her last sound 11 minutes into the video before everything went silent.

Nyabuto Found Three Hours Later

Hellen Nyabuto
Photo Credit: Enock Nyabuto GoFundMe

Unfortunately, the live stream video rolled for three more hours before two men discovered her body. The men mistook her for a dog at first because of her curly hair, The Star reports.

“I thought it’s a poodle or something,” one man says when asked by the other what was in the water.

When they realized it was Nyabuto, they called for help.

A Family Mourns

Her father says she was living in Canada for three years for work and to advance her education.

“I have lost my daughter who loved me so much. It is now about four or five years we have not seen each other, but we talked on the phone all the time,” her father tells Citizen TV.

Nyabuto assisted her dad in providing for her family. Her younger sister, Enock, says she helped their father with school fees and other education expenses for her younger four siblings.

Enock describes her sister as someone with a “charming heart” on a GoFundMe Page the family created to bring her body back home to Kenya.

“Everyone who met Wendy had their spirits lifted,” Enock says. “She was passionate about her work and touched many hearts.”

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