2021's Most Anticipated Travel Destinations
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

2021's Most Anticipated Travel Destinations

Ghana , Sri Lanka , St Lucia , Tanzania , Malta
Jade Robinson
Jade Robinson Dec 16, 2020

If this year taught us anything it would be to treasure traveling and 2021 will be the year of must see destinations. While we wait, here at Travel Noire, we believe that as we head into the new year we can start planning our future travel itineraries.

These destinations are 2021’s most anticipated travel destinations.


There was a huge serge in the travel to Ghana last year, due to The Year of The Return. Many looking to experience Ghana for the first time or relive the experience are already planning to spend the holidays in Accra. Look forward to day to night partying and celebration, warm weather, and a feeling of home.

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An island located off of the coast of Italy, has been on many travelers radars. Malta, enriched with historic landmarks, museums and art galleries is not only known for it’s history but for it’s crystal blue waters. The Blue Lagoon might be the single most reason to experience Malta.

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When you think of Tanzania the first thing that might come to mind is Mount Kilimanjaro. Over the last few years Tanzania has become a future hot spot for it’s beaches, national parks (where you can see wildfire like never before) & Pemba Island. Pemba Island is a small island off the coast of Tanzania, home to a laid back scuba diving environment.

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Sri Lanka

The most scenic train rides in the world lives in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has been the talks of many travelers bucket list due to the unlimited excursions that exist. From climbing Sigiriya Lion Rock, surfing in Arugam bay to hiking up to witness Diyaluma waterfalls, Sri lanka has something for everyone. It is also a day trip away from The Maldives.

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St. Lucia

This year was supposed to be the break out year for St. Lucia. Soca Music coming out of St. Lucia has been on an incline this past year, making it a top destination of Carnival. 2021 is looking to pick up where 2020 left off , making this island a top destination for not only Carnival but Honeymoon locations. Check out Jade Mountain and Tet Paul Nature Trail for views of the island.

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Destination: Mexico

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