Where To Travel Next? Here Are The 2020 Trending Travel Destinations
Photo Credit: martin-dm | Getty Images

Photo Credit: martin-dm | Getty Images

Where To Travel Next? Here Are The 2020 Trending Travel Destinations

Benin , Canada , Cuba , Israel , Sri Lanka
Leah Freeman-Haskin
Leah Freeman-Haskin Oct 9, 2019

Everything from social media to politics has an impact on travel trends. Intrepid Travel has reviewed the latest travel data to forecast which destinations will be popping up on everyone’s travel bucket list in 2020.  Here are the top choices so you can start booking your new year travel early.

British Columbia, Canada

One of North America’s top spots for whale watching, Quadra Island off the coast of British Columbia is going to be a popular destination to take in the stunning views and diverse wildlife.

British Columbia, Canada | Hayden Scott | Unsplash

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Montenegro is a Balkan country on the Adriatic Sea. This charming country is full of medieval villages, coastal churches, and a beautiful national park.

Kotor, Montenegro | Wladislaw Peljuchno | Unsplash


With the local government prioritizing tourist travel, we can expect to see more travelers booking flights to this West African country located between Togo and Nigeria. A trip to this French-speaking nation is bound to be filled with visits to palatial ruins and temples of once powerful kingdoms.

Djougou, Benin | Anthony Pappone | Getty Images

Sri Lanka

Following the devastating tsunami and deadly Easter attacks, Sri Lanka’s tourism industry is starting to make a comeback. This island country in the Indian Ocean of South Asia has a great deal to offer travelers including historic monuments, breathtaking views, and friendly locals.

Nine Arch Bridge, Sri Lanka | Gabor Redling | Unsplash


With a recent expansion of the international airport, Israel has experienced a sizable increase in travelers this year which is only expected to grow through 2020. This biblical Holy Land on the Mediterranean Sea has everything from gorgeous beaches to legendary nightlife.

Tel Aviv, Israel | Adam Jang | Unsplash

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Recent restrictions on travel have actually boosted American interest in Cuba with Intrepid Travel reporting a 19 percent increase in web traffic searches about the island nation. There are still ways to visit Cuba and we can expect to see an increase in tourism as people flock to the island to experience its vibrant cultural scene.

Havana, Cuba | Alexander Kunze | Unsplash

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