48 Hours in Montreal

Since I work remotely, the boundaries between home and work-life easily become blurred. Between walking the dog during lunch breaks and negotiating deals from my kitchen-turned-office table, daily responsibilities become intertwined. Luckily, working for Travel Noire has given me the ability to work anywhere in the world with just a laptop and a proper internet […]

Moraa Onyonka

How To Plan The Perfect Roadtrip

Planes, trains and buses may get you where you need to go, but there is something alluring about hitting the open road to begin a new journey. Taking a road trip can be a terrific way to travel and see more of the city/country/state you are visiting. However, roadtrips can also be exhausting. Before you […]


Got Post-Travel Blues? Here’s How To Adjust Back To Life At Home

So you’ve just spent a year abroad — maybe you were taking a course, teaching English, working for an Embassy or simply traveling for leisure. Nonetheless, your contract has ended, your school term is over, your trip has come to an end and you have to leave. So… what’s next? How do you leave a […]

Fedorah Philippeaux

The Music Lover’s Guide to Montreal

Kendrick Lamar, Nas, Joss Stone, Beres Hammond, Lady Saw, The Black Keys, Destra, and the list goes on. These are just a few of the thousands (yes, thousands) of musical artists passing through Montreal this summer. As the largest city in the Canadian province of Quebec, Montreal is often referred to as the Paris of […]

Tausha Cowan

How To Make Money As An Airbnb Host

Imagine being able to fund your travels without ever dipping into your earnings? If you own your space, live alone or don’t have any furry pets, then becoming an Airbnb host might be for you. If you are unaware (or just plain living under a rock), Airbnb is a new-ish lodging option for travelers and a […]

Nicole Grimes

Phuket’s Hidden Oasis

There are two types of travelers: those that are drawn to the ocean and those that find inner peace near the mountains. Personally, I have always found my ‘happiness’ near the water. After gallivanting my way through northern and central Thailand, I ended my journey in Phuket. The city boasts an abundance of sandy beaches and clear waters, and I, was […]

Moraa Onyonka

How To Maximize An Extended Layover

So, you purchased a flight deal to the destination of your dreams, but there’s one catch: there’s a ten-hour layover elsewhere. A long layover is hardly ever ideal, but sometimes they can’t be avoided. Here are a few ways to make your next lengthy layover a little bit better. Leave Your Baggage Behind: Be nimble. Heavy baggage will […]

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