Mexican Staycation

When you live in a beach town like me, it’s often easy to forget that the beach is there. Work and responsibilities seem to get in the way of the sounds of the waves, and the next thing you know, you haven’t dipped your toes in the ocean for months. Living on the Oaxacan coast, […]

Raychelle Heath

48-Hour Escape to the W Fort Lauderdale

When you travel quite a bit, finding a great hotel is important, as it becomes your “home away from home.” Needless to say, I’m picky about my options when I have to travel to different destinations, whether domestic or abroad. Hotels have ratings for a reason, and not all of them live up to the […]

Kimberly Wilson

Travel Blogger Confession: My Fear of Flying

I was six weeks old when I took my first flight from New York City to Kingston, Jamaica. I remember is spending a lot of time during my childhood hopping on planes between Jamaica, New York City and South Florida. I took countless flights and collected multiple stamps on my first passport. To celebrate my […]

Nadeen White

The Highs and Lows of an Adventure Trip

Costa Rica was a learning experience for my friend Jamie and me. We took a week-long surf and Spanish trip to Montezuma, Costa Rica. Although it wasn’t the trip we would’ve imagined, we left feeling grateful and full of new experiences. The Journey There Arriving to Montezuma was a journey. Jamie and I flew into San […]

Kaycee Brock

The World Is Mine

I’ll never forget my first trip abroad.  It was a family summer vacation to St. Maarten.  I was a moody teen whose only priority was to be on the beach.  Otherwise, my poor mom would be subject to an all day screw-face. On that trip, I made friends with a goat and played Hide-And-Go-Seek in […]


5 Reasons To Add East London To Your Itinerary

Planning a trip to London? If so, have you ever considered visiting Shoreditch or Hoxton? Many people around the world aspire to visit to London, but when they do, their wanderlust seems limited to the popular areas of Big Ben, Tower Bridge and Portobello road. One place that should be high on your list when you visit […]

Bianca Malata

Membership Has its Benefits

We were picked up at the airport and escorted to the Intercontinental Bali. We stepped out of the vehicle to a train of warm greetings from the staff. As we walked through the grandiose lobby welcomed with contagious smiles; we truly felt like we were coming home. The check-in process was near seamless.  We then walked through […]

Zim Ugochukwu

The Craziness of Holi Festival

By the time I was grew accustomed to Delhi, we were on our way to Vrindavan and Mathura, land of a thousand temples, to celebrate the Holi festival. We arrived late evening which gave us a great view of the illuminated temples, a sight that could only be described as divine. Arriving to our hotel […]


Six natural wonders along the Yucatan Peninsula

The Yucatan peninsula in Mexico is a geographical treasure and nature lover’s paradise. It’s a massive segment of limestone said to have been born out of the same asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs. The Yucatan peninsula’s most famous destination is Cancun. Full service resorts in the city ensure travelers never have to leave their […]

Joke Karibo


Travel Noire

3 Museums to Visit in Madrid

Spain is known for its unique culture practices: from the midday siesta to tapas and the never-ending nightlife. How the Spanish engage in these cultural practices varies by region. For instance, siesta is more common in smaller cities, and the Spanish language becomes harder to decipher due to the prevalent lisp in southern areas of […]

Laura Hopkins