Saturday at the Pearl Brewery, San Antonio, Texas

Sometimes a business traveller has simply got to get out of the hotel. Recently, I attended a super conference in San Antonio, Texas. The hotel was ideally situated on the famed River Walk. However, after 2 days of 7 am -7 pm meetings and evening socials, I needed just a couple hours in the fresh […]

Patricia A. Patton

7 Tips For Planning Your First Trip To Africa

More and more individuals of the African diaspora are exploring the world; however, many have never visited the lands of our ancestors. Many travelers are quick to hop on a flight to Paris or Bangkok but hesitate to book a trip to Accra or Kampala. We are constantly bombarded with negative imagery of Africa, including […]

j. nambowa

How to Stay Connected While Traveling

Want to know how to stay connected while traveling? Look no further! All you need is an unlocked iPhone and a Skype number. save money instantly on flights?  Once you’ve finished the video, tell us below how you’ve stayed connected while galavanting around the globe. Have you tried our hack? Do you have your own unique […]

Travel Noire

Flying Etihad Airways: What You Need To Know

  I recently returned to the United Arab Emirates for a quick vacation with friends. My first trip to Dubai two years ago was a solo one and thus this recent adventure was a welcome opportunity to experience the tiny Muslim nation again, but this time with company. The reason for the return – the Christmas […]

Nicole Grimes

Ask us Anything: Moving Abroad

Expat life? Yes please. In today’s episode with Travel Noire’s Founder & CEO, you’ll hear top questions as it relates to moving abroad. When you’ve finished the video, tell us below if you’re thinking about taking the expat plunge, what you’re doing to turn those dreams into a reality or if you’re already an expat, what are some […]

Travel Noire

Exploring Cape Town Through Food

I have always believed that one of the best ways to learn about a culture is through the local cuisine. Food holds history, so to partake in a meal is to learn something about a group of people. Before visiting a new place I always do culinary research — where to eat, what to eat […]

Tausha Cowan

How To Haggle With Confidence

In many parts of the world, haggling is a way of life however this dance can sometimes feel offbeat for Western travelers. If you’ve ever felt a tinge of hesitation towards this two-step, fear not! Here are some tips to help bargain your way through any marketplace like a pro! LOOK THE PART The art of haggling […]

Khadijat Oseni

The Great White Shark Diving Experience

The great white shark, one of the most feared creatures in the world, is a must see when visiting South Africa. Stepping into the cage, submerging yourself into their territory, and getting a personal eye-to-eye encounter is such a thrill and will surely get your adrenaline going. Your encounter with the great white sharks is […]

Nate Chambers

#TNFirsts // Meet Kilee

Meet Kilee Hughes, a publicist living in New York City. Learn about her first travel experiences, how she dealt with being in a country with few people of color and why now is the easiest time to travel abroad. #TNFirsts is a series that explores first travel experiences & accompanying conventional wisdom.

Travel Noire