Olivier’s – A New Orleans Creole Tradition

Recently I was called to New Orleans for a last minute trip. As many of you know, New Orleans has a rich history of architecture, culture, and cuisine – specifically of the French Creole persuasion. The Creoles of Louisiana, who are of French, Spanish, African American, and occasionally Native American descent, have specifically created  a specialize […]

Alicia Fort Anir

Meet TN Travelers Overseas

For those who took advantage of the Etihad glitch fares on Christmas day, you can now connect with other TN travelers. We’ve created a spreadsheet for you to enter your trip dates, departure and arrival airports, trip plans and more! Access the spreadsheet here. Photo credit: Fast Company

Travel Noire

#TNFirsts // Meet Charles

Meet Charles Galbreath, a justice consultant living in New York City. Learn about the true wealth of travel and the rich experiences you can create by falling in love with every single place you go.  #TNFirsts is a series that explores first travel experiences & accompanying conventional wisdom.

Travel Noire

A Free Ride to Dubai

This Christmas, thousands of people snagged remarkable deals to South Africa, the UAE and the Philippines with a glitch fare we published. If you’re headed to Abu Dhabi, but want to hop over to Dubai, Etihad has free coach service from Abu Dhabi to Dubai or Al Ain. As per their website: Etihad Airways Economy […]

Travel Noire

A Free Night in Abu Dhabi

If you’ve got Abu Dhabi in your upcoming travel plans, Etihad has got you covered. You can enjoy your first night free and get a discounted rate for a second night! The only catch is that you have to stay a minimum of two nights and it only applies if your final destination is NOT Abu Dhabi or Dubai.  This […]

Travel Noire

Solo Travel: Eat, Pray, Love in Northern California

How do you feel about solo travel? Have you ever done it?Although I have been fortunate to have many friends and family who love to travel as much as I do and have been great travel partners, in 2011 I was at a crossroads in my life. My Mother had passed away from cancer and […]

Nadeen White

Five Essentials for a Girls’ Trip

We drove to Chicago, IL with 8 in tow for a friend’s birthday. The plan was to leave early (always the plan) but of course, we didn’t. Instead our morning was replete with last minute Target runs and wardrobe manipulations—such is life. When we did leave, we piled into two cars one after another and […]


How to Save Instantly on Cheap Flights

Want to know how to save money instantly on flights? Look no further! We’ve featured three of our favorite ways to instantly save on your next flight. Once you’ve finished the video, tell us below how you book cheap flights. Do you book flights on certain days or around certain times? Do you book months in […]

Travel Noire

Breaking Bad in Albuquerque

When I stepped off of the plane in Albuquerque, it was my second time visiting the Southwestern city. I just knew I had to return after a work trip took me there a year earlier and opened my eyes to the beauty of this region of the US. I arrived at night, when the city […]

Kaycee Brock

7 Ways to Travel Europe for Cheap

Europe continues to be a favored destination for many world travelers – from the newbies to the returnees. If you’ve been fortunate to have visited this region, it is easy to understand why. It is a fantastic blend of cultures with its rich history indicative by impressive gothic architecture, quaint squares and courtyards and colorful cobble-street […]

Nicole Grimes

Alone on Easter Island

The 3 days I spent on Easter Island included one of the most moving experiences of my life.  On my day of exploration, I chose my interactions carefully and had successfully avoided buses full of guided tourists bearing fanny packs and water bottles. I set out from my hostel that morning with only a rough […]

Angel Chung Cutno

Our Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Travel Noire’s Last Minute Holiday Guide  1. Wacaco has released Minipresso, a hand powered portable espresso machine that you can bring with you anywhere you want. You don’t have to kiss goodbye to your daily caffeine just because you are far from home, this little device makes sure that you get to enjoy hot, delicious espresso […]

Travel Noire

Things You Should Consider Before Moving Abroad

Expat life? Yes please. In today’s episode with Travel Noire’s Founder & CEO, learn what you should consider before you decide to take the leap into expat life.  When you’ve finished the video, tell us below if you’re thinking about taking the expat plunge, what you’re doing to turn those dreams into a reality or if you’re already […]

Travel Noire

4 Reasons Why Parents Should Travel

People tend to look at adventure travel from a pretty narrow scope. Backpacking through Europe, couch-surfing across the U.S., and hostel-dwelling in the Caribbean—that pretty much covers ​the major ones, right?​ For the slightly less risky experiences​, you’ve got resort ​vacations, wellness ​retreats, or Caribbean cruises—those are the big ones, right? Noticed that most of […]

Akilah S. Richards

One Week in London

When deciding to go backpacking through four cities in Europe with my best friend Nikeeya, I realized I was left with the tough decision on deciding where I’d actually go. Based on our budget, resources and interests we decided on: London, Barcelona, Paris and Amsterdam. While I loved all four cities, I will always have a […]

Kimberley Richards