5 Quintessential Tips for Parisian Tourists

Have you been spellbound by Paris and its array of Haussmannian buildings? The sentiment is mutual. Despite no longer being the most visited metropolis in the world, Paris has not lost its touch. Its exudation of romance, artisanal boulangeries and street accordionists have fueled curiosities around the world and enthralled many to ditch their barren […]

Steffy Fogain

Singapore in 24 Hours

I knew little about Singapore, a sovereign city-state and island country in Southeast Asia, before taking off to spend a couple of days there with a friend who I worked under as a budding writer in Washington, DC. He moved there from the nation’s capital a year ago and pens articles about the highly urbanized […]

Glynn Pogue

Top Things to do in Turks and Caicos

Once considered a destination exclusively for celebrities, this elite island now attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year due to its relaxing atmosphere and breathtaking beaches. I recently had the opportunity to experience it all for myself during the humid month of July. With over 40 islands and several cays, there’s PLENTY to do in […]

Shenita Outland

I Left My Heart In London

I’ve always had an obsession with London, since the age of five. I would watch all the British movies and shows that I possibly could. I studied their history, listened to their music and felt right at home. As the years went by my urge to visit London increased, particularly after the 2012 Olympics. That is […]

Larry Williams, Jr.

Overcoming Hiccups in Your Trip

Traveling is an exciting and memorable time when you have the chance to do it. That feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you finally book that trip. How you’re always aware of the calendar date as you’ve been counting down till you leave for your trip since you hit the purchase […]

Erin Douglas

5 Tips for First-time Mountain Hikes

It was my first time climbing a mountain. “Shouldn’t be too bad,” I thought as the bus my study abroad group and I rode in pulled up to Mount Longonot National Park. I came with a lot of water and some fruit wearing basketball shorts and tennis shoes thinking I was prepared to make the […]

Ian Taylor, Jr.

How You Can Save Big

There are a number of ways to get discounts and free travel nowadays. If you are willing to consider a few options, you could be well on your way to a fantastic trip somewhere around the world sooner than you thought! Airline miles No matter who you fly with, make sure to sign up for […]

D Williams

7 Must-Have Experiences in South Africa

South Africa is one of those places that, once visited, sticks with you long after you’ve left; leaving its mark in ways you didn’t anticipate. Whether it’s the people, the culture, the scenery or some combination of all of the above, there is something about the country that compels you to want to explore more. During […]

Tausha Cowan

A Little R&R in the Desert

I made a pact with myself about 5 years ago, that every birthday I would take a trip. Being a firm believer in using precious moments to enjoy what I love, travel is absolutely on the top of that list. I began to come up with a short list of places within a road trip distance […]

Aja Williams

Eating your Veggies in Bali, Indonesia

Only about 1 percent of the US population follows a vegan diet of no meat, eggs or dairy products, but if you spend any time in Bali, eating vegan isn’t restrictive, it’s delicious! Spicy sauces and a myriad of flavors, all with a distinct organic twist, grace the plate in Bali, where there are salads […]

Glynn Pogue

Inner Peace- East Coast Wellness Getaways

When most people think of a wellness getaway they think of a warm destination at the beach or even the desert, like my favorite place Sedona. Usually the east coast doesn’t top the list but there are some awesome getaways for those of us who want to relax and rejuvenate but not travel very far. Here […]

Christen McCluney

Top 3 Places To Visit In Norway

I have to say that I was smitten by Norway, and its a good thing because it eased the pain of paying around 15 bucks for a beer. I spent the past two months floating around the icy waters of Svalbard, which is the arctic Norwegian archipelago. An infinite amount of sun even into evening […]

Lisa Carol Young

The Greece You Haven’t Seen

While I woke up in a daze after four hours of sleep, my body felt remarkably relaxed. I was in a state of bliss. The night before was eventful. Having spent the majority of my evening eating, laughing and dancing with the locals, our accommodations were equally charming. The Salvator Hotel is a property owned by 5 […]

Zim Ugochukwu

Eating Your Way Through Addis Ababa

A foodie at heart, when I travel, an important part of my experience comes through my taste buds. I am a strong believer that truly exploring a place means delving into its history, living the lives of its people, and taking part in the daily culture. I found that there is no better way to […]

Yayne Hailu

Maximize Your Skills to Find Work Abroad

A forever vacation? Yes please. Trips abroad can often seem short-lived. In today’s episode with Alphonso, learn how to maximize your vacation days and translate your real world skills into a successful international career. When you’ve finished the video, tell us below how you get the most out your vacation days & if you’ve considered taking the international […]

Travel Noire