Top Things to Do in Portland

For a long while, Portland, Oregon was a city I overlooked.  I always thought of Seattle and Vancouver when I considered visiting the Pacific NW.  After winning free tickets to go anywhere in the contiguous U.S, I knew I wanted to go as far away from my place in Washington, D.C as possible, so my […]

D Williams

The Top 5 Botanical Gardens to Visit

Looking for a unique way to enjoy nature when you travel? Try taking a trip to one of the world’s most renowned botanical gardens. Botanical gardens are contained areas featuring a variety of beautiful and brightly colored flowers, skyscraping trees, and crystal blue waters in fascinating displays. They are as tranquil as they are gorgeous, […]


A Lesson in Chinese Fashion

Going abroad and visiting other countries opens up a world you may have never imagined. You get to try new and exotic foods, meet kind new people, ride in strange vehicles and even walk hundreds of miles while reveling in the beauty of another country. What if I told you those are not the only perks […]

Fedorah Philippeaux

The Importance of Giving Back as a Traveler

Although eating at the local restaurants is daring, getting a cheap mani/pedi is relaxing and even buying trinkets to bring back to your boo at home is thoughtful, it’s only just scratching the surface as far as leaving a lasting impression on a community. It’s the American way to discard our worries when we step off the […]

Ruby Melton

“Calling Standby Passenger…”

When people discover that my mother works for a major airline, the first question they ask is, “Does she have any buddy passes she wants to sell?” Followed by “..why aren’t you out of town every weekend? If I had your hookup, I’d never be home!” My mother has been employed by a major airline for […]

Brittany Walters

Sight For Sore Eyes: Flower Carpet of Brussels

I love to travel more than anything. But I have to admit that Brussels wasn’t necessarily on my “Top 5 Places to Visit” list…until now. That is because Brussels’ Flower Carpet just bumped it up several notches.   This wonderful display is a wonderful display of horticulture artistry. To put it simply, Brussels’ Flower carpet is […]

Pier Smith

Packing Lightly

Normally when I travel, it is never for an extended period of time. I am a master of the extremely condensed getaway. My last two trips to Washington, D.C have been under sixteen hours, my most recent excursion to the D.C area being for a friend’s birthday. Technically I was supposed to leave Friday and make […]

Brittany Walters

Welcome to Travel Noire TV

No matter where you dream of traveling, you have to the power to make it happen. Join Travel Noire and our amazing viewers from over 100 countries worldwide as we explore the tools and resources you need to discover your next journey. From dreaming of a new destination and planning how to get there to maximizing […]

Travel Noire

Live in the Moment: Sky Dive Dubai

I received a phone call from my mother asking that notorious, and quite rhetorical question at 5AM, “Son, are you sleeping?” I simply replied, “No mom, I’m sky diving!” Visualize free falling for 60 seconds at 130 MPH as your adrenaline increases, your heartbeat races, and your only visual is the luxurious man-made islands, The […]

Nate Chambers

#TNFirsts // Meet Nate

Meet Nate Chambers, a recent MBA graduate who throughout his program, spent months working and living in different countries. In this episode, he discusses culture shock, reminisces on his first time abroad & why he thinks travel can make you the most interesting person in the room. #TNFirsts is a series that explores first travel […]

Travel Noire

Mission Expat: How to Launch Your Global Career

We had an incredible Google+ Hangout on Saturday. Blessing’s five year old daughter stole the show when she told us about some of her favorite travel destinations. If you missed it, don’t forget to download the full transcript here and click the play button above to get started! Participants Jessica Nabongo: @jnambowa // Will Worley: @willworley Zim […]

Travel Noire

10 Must Do’s in Florence

When my friend planned a week long group trip to the Amalfi Coast, I immediately knew I wanted to take on a couple of extra days to visit another city solo.  After a bit of internal back and forth, Firenze was the winner! Aaahhh, yes, this small romantic town, home of the Renaissance, would be all […]

Erin Douglas