Top 5 Places to Visit in Madrid

Madrid is a bustling, colorful and vibrant city! And if you go in the summertime it is also extremely hot! There are many reasons I enjoyed my visit to this city, the best paella I have ever had, the long summer days including eating outside in daylight at 9 pm, and the wide variety of sites to […]

Nadeen White

Pearl Fryar’s Topiary Garden in Bishopville, S.C.

If you believe in magic, then make time to visit the topiary gardens created by A Man Named Pearl.  The legend is that after an half hour lesson, Mr. Pearl began planting “throwaway” plants he had either rescued from nurseries or that were given to him by friends. Mr. Pearl, allegedly, took the plants that […]

Patricia A. Patton

Outlook Festival 2014

Outlook. Rocks. I don’t know how I formed the opinion that Outlook was solely a week-long Drum & Bass festival in Pula, Croatia, which wasn’t a big selling point for me; but I was ready to “go hard,” and try something new. My cousin decided that turning the big Three-O had to be celebrated in style, so as a […]

Natalie A.M

5 Tips for Traveling to the Greek Islands

Traveling to Santorini last September was most definitely one of the highlights of my backpacking adventure in Europe. From eating the most delicious seafood to swimming in the Aegean Sea, a trip to the Greek islands can feel blissful. However, I quickly realized that there is a lack of general information online regarding everything from […]

Danait Kidane

Where to Ball in Bali

I should start this article with full disclosure: I have watched the movie Eat, Pray, Love starring Julia Roberts at least 10 times. I’m especially smitten with the scene where Julia meets Javier Bardem at that sultry, sunset beach party in Bali, Indonesia–pure magic. I booked my flight to the “Island of the Gods” with […]

Glynn Pogue

Namaste from Nicaragua

My recent trip to Nicaragua was meant to be about exploration.  I had it all planned out: hiking volcanoes, soaking up culture, chillin’ with indigenous people—the works.  I even packed a cool Tomb Raider ensemble, complete with a leg-strap sheath and knife for visual effect. Yup. I was ready. However, my plans derailed the moment […]


How to Choose a Travel Destination

Want to know how to choose your next travel destination with ease? Look no further! We’ve compiled a top list of things to think about when deciding where you want to head off to next. Once you’ve finished the video, tell us below how you typically choose your next travel destination. Do you choose your destination […]

Travel Noire

24 Hours in Savannah, GA

The haunting beauty and charm of Savannah, Georgia is not meant to be reduced to a day. From its sweeping oaks adorned with garland-like Spanish moss to its immaculately squared off patches of history and legends scattered about as points of reflection throughout the city, the air of Savannah is one that thickly lingers long […]

Khadijat Oseni

48 Hours in Livingstone

After a few weeks at my internship in Lusaka, Zambia I decided to venture to Livingstone, the country’s tourism capital and home to the Victoria Falls. My local friends recommended Mazhandu Family Bus Services. I took the 6 AM bus so I could experience at least a half-day when I arrived in Livingstone. Despite the […]

Ian Taylor, Jr.

The ABC’s of a Lovely Life in London

London is often left off the list when it comes to considering a long-term life abroad but, alas, leave London out no more! Affordability and Accessibility at ASDA – One of the most basic needs of all people is to feel sustained. Another basic need is more time. And yet another need in this day and age […]

Tammi LeShore

Vienna is for Wine Lovers

Vienna (called Wien {pronounced vine} in German) has the most vineyards within a city limit than any other capital city in the world. Though I am a wine enthusiast, I had never thought about traveling to a destination solely based on its notable characteristics, but once I learned about Vienna’s wine culture it was the deciding […]

Anne, the Voluptuary

Seeing Madrid As a Local

While Madrid is full of plenty of tourist attractions, there are endless opportunities to have an authentic experience during your stay. Having lived there for six months, I found myself slowly emerging from the touristy areas to indulge in the many other activities and places the city had to offer. Here are five of my favorite places in the city worth visiting when you’re […]

Sienna Brown

How to have a Parisian Staycation in NYC

As the famous words often attributed to Audrey Hepburn go, “Paris is always a good idea.” Being the self-professed Francophile that I am, I constantly have a daily dose of wanderlust for Paris, which is one of my absolute favorite cities in the world. However, the luxury of time or budget isn’t always on my […]

Khadijat Oseni

Tips for Vegan Travelers

Your experience as a vegan traveler in a new country is largely dependent on your preparation, location, and budget.  A little bit of preliminary research can help you identify authentically plant-based local dishes, vegetarian-friendly restaurants, or stores where you can stock up on snacks for your journey. In most major developed cities and regions where […]

Chantal Blake

Backpacking Through Southeast Asia

My friend Brianna is undoubtedly the most well-traveled 22 year-old I know. With a summer in Greece and study abroad experiences in Spain and Argentina under her belt, it came as no surprise to me when she announced she would be spending two months backpacking through Southeast Asia. Everything is low-priced, so traveling through Southeast Asia […]

Laura Hopkins