Horseback Riding to Aquarries Waterfall

It was our third day in Turrialba, Costa Rica and on the agenda was a 3 hour trek by horseback to Acquarries Waterfall and back. Girls going global was the reason I was there an amazing non-profit that I was more than happy to volunteer with as a chaperone, their mission was to explore inner […]

Ruby Melton

A Taste Tour of Portland

Random last-minute trips without any planning seem to take you on the most amazing adventures. Within ten days of booking a flight and then stepping out of PDX International Airport, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. A Chicagoan landed in the state of Oregon without any true expectations. For the next seven days what […]

Barea Victoria

The Grand Mosque of Paris

During my stay in Paris, I decided to venture into arrondissements that I hadn’t yet been acquainted with. Thanks to the prevalent social media, I had stumbled upon a photograph of The Grand Mosque of Paris and thereupon, I made it a mission to cross it off my bucket list. It could be perceived as ignorant […]

Steffy Fogain

The First Black Foreigner

Nestled within a sea of its own decay, the school stands firmly, surrounded by the barren land of the southernmost Bangladeshi village. We zoom onto the school grounds on the backs of two motorcycles, inadvertently diverting the attention of 500 school kids—who all gather and encircle the motorcycles. This is the first time that many of them […]

Zim Ugochukwu