Buka: Brooklyn, New York

I don’t remember exactly when or where I heard about Buka, a Nigerian restaurant in Brooklyn, but I made a mental note to myself that the next time I visited New York, I would make it a point to have a meal there. Fortunately, I was in New York recently for a business trip so […]

Andrea Bediako

Perfection in Puerto Rico

After a hectic senior semester and the trying, yet rewarding road to graduation my classmate and I didn’t find the cap, gown and quick walk across the stage rewarding enough. We needed a getaway and we needed one fast. Even though funds were low, we were able to find a good deal for a five-day, four night […]


5 Must Sees in Berlin

Oh Berlin, Berlin.  I am now embarrassed to say this city was not initially on my list of places to visit. It actually ended up on my itinerary more out of convenience than anything else. I had read the articles and reviews calling it young, hip and vibrant and yet I wasn’t completely sold, or […]

Cynthia Andrew

Black Diving Chronicles

I have always wanted to be a mermaid (mostly because of the popular 1980’s movie Splash starring Tom Hanks). I imagined mermaids swimming around a magical, underwater metropolis as their home, waiting for me to come party with them. They would have a hard time with English, but would make dolphin sounds. When Disney’s The […]

Maurica R

5 Must Haves For An African Safari

So you’re heading out on your first ever African safari? Great! Now that you’ve packed your telephoto lens, plenty of sunblock and tons of comfortable clothes for layering, allow me to share a few tips that you may not find on most ‘must have’ safari lists but are definite necessities if you want to maximize […]

Modupe Sonuyi

5 Bahamian Phrases You Need to Know

While everyone has their own set of criteria about where they will travel, we all inevitably choose a vacation based on our knowledge (whatever capacity) of the language or the lingua franca. Now I know where you think I’m going with this, yes, a lot of us are well versed in French, Spanish, Dutch, German,Portuguese, […]

Artlyn Mali'o

Top 10 Things To Do in Martha’s Vineyard!

I had the pleasure of revisiting Martha’s Vineyard this summer after 25 years.  This island is just so lovely! Martha’s Vineyard is located south of Cape Cod in Massachusetts and if you’ve never been, please put it on your list. The weather, the people and the food make it the perfect place for a summer […]

Nadeen White

Your Local Guide to Copenhagen

I lived in Copenhagen for many years (I am now based in London), but I never really thought about a great list of things to do in Copenhagen. Recently I visited CPH (as locals like to call it) for a weekend and dragged some London friends and family along for the ride. So what do you […]

Joke Karibo

24 Hours in Nice

When people think of the South of France, usually images of celebrities, yachts and glamour come to mind (hey, Bey and Jay), but there’s more to this glitzy region of the world that can be discovered in just 24 hours. I’d just finished up an exhausting few days prior to arriving in Nice. I was […]

Tausha Cowan

German Wine Festival

When you think of Germany, what comes to mind? Perhaps most travelers would say Oktoberfest with its neverending flow of beer, food and camaraderie, or perhaps you think of Berlin and the Berlin Wall; maybe you think of Opera and Classical music as Germany was the home of Brahms, Bach and Beethoven among others. Well […]

Fedorah Philippeaux

Living Famous in Istanbul

Picture this scene: adorned with beautiful mosaic tiles, grand columns and bathed in glorious Istanbul sunshine, the Hagia Sophia museum (formerly a church and a mosque) is truly a wonder to behold. One of very few remaining examples of Byzantine architecture, it was a must-see on a beautiful trip to Turkey with two of my […]


3 Days in Rome

Rome, Italy is known for the grand and opulent architecture of Saint Peter’s Basilica, the rich history of the Colosseum and Pantheon, the chic shopping in Via Condotti and perhaps, the best food and wine of your life. Here are the sights, shops and sips that make an amazing 72-hour Vacanze Romane. Day 1 Wake […]

Jessica Belle

Two Days in Amsterdam

When people think of Amsterdam there are usually only a few things that come to mind. However, there are so many other wonderful reasons to visit this unique Dutch gem. After having spent several months in London I waited until the last-minute to book a trip to one of the must-see places on my list. With […]

Ahyiana Angel

What Now? Tips for Students Studying Abroad

“Now I’m here. What should I do next?” This was a question that I consistently asked myself once I arrived to my study abroad location in Cape Town, South Africa. I had spent so much energy preparing and fundraising to get to South Africa that I didn’t even consider what I actually wanted to experience aside from the […]

Tayler Ulmer

Signature Style: St. Regis Abu Dhabi

When you travel as much as I do, hotel stays can become one big, blurry memory.  However, there comes a time when a hotel makes an impression you know will last a lifetime.  As a proud luxury hotel lover, St. Regis Hotels have been on my hotel bucket list for quite some time, yet a chance […]

Danielle Pointdujour