So You Just Moved to A New City

I recently made a big life change by moving 2,669 miles across the country from D.C to Los Angeles in sunny California. I’ve visited tourist hot spots like Hollywood where the Michael Jackson imitators and the Stars invade the boulevard, but thanks to Instagram and websites like Yelp and, I’ve been able to explore the […]

Aja Williams

A Weekend in Austin

I fell in love with Austin when I first visited my older brother there during his freshmen year at UT Austin. The city is one of the main reasons why I chose to study at UT Austin the following year. Since then, I’ve spent four years studying at UT and a few sunshine filled summers there. […]

Travel Noire

The Spirit of Couchsurfing

“You’re crazy!” “Aren’t you afraid you’ll be killed?” “Is it safe?” “Wait…what?” These are only a few of the pointed reactions that friends gave me after I explained that I would be Couchsurfing (CS) at certain points of an upcoming 25 day trip to Europe last month. While most travelers look up hotels, hostels, or […]

Travel Noire

Bay Area Eats: Treats for Gluten Free Foodies

Are you gluten free and visiting the Bay Area?  Don’t fret, there will be many options for you to choose from.  I’ve lived in the Bay Area for roughly six months now and have discovered a handful of great restaurants and cafes that quickly climbed to the top of my personal favorites list.  Lucky for […]

Travel Noire

DIY Hair

Traveling without your favorite salon and you’re running out of ideas? Why spend loads of money having your favorite products sent to you? You have everything you need minutes away… Here are a few tips on becoming your own stylist. Establish a set routine for your hair regimen Use locally grown ingredients from your neighborhood […]

Travel Noire

Eclectic Barcelona

Prior to the planning of this trip I didn’t know much about Barcelona. However, thanks to Google, by the time the trip rolled around, I was ready to explore the beautiful city. I wanted to climb to the top of Parc Guell and explore every surface designed by the great Guadi. After a long but relaxing […]


4 Countries, 5 Days and 160 Cousins

  Imagine island hopping between 4 of the most beautiful and exclusive islands in the Caribbean, with private beaches, deluxe yachts, and the most beautiful water you have ever seen. Then imagine you don’t have to plan a single piece of your vacation. No flight stalking, no customs clearance drama, no Hotwire Hustling for a […]

Tracey Coleman

Fez’s Medina and The Friends Within

My bedroom was inspired by the deep hues and dark wood tones of a place I had never been to. In my mind, the aubergine purples, deep burgundies, rich fabrics, and fanciful pillows encapsulated my idea of an entire country. An epiphany came to me in a flash! I decided that I wanted to sleep […]

Anne, the Voluptuary