How to Plan the Perfect Group Trip

For my 30th birthday me and 21 of my friends (3 could not make it the day of) descended on Panama CIty and Bocas del Toro for a celebration. This was the second time I had done a big birthday trip, the first being my 25th birthday which I celebrated in Puerto Rico with 18 of […]

j. nambowa

The Mouthwatering Food of Portugal

People travel for many reasons.Music Festivals. Family gatherings. St. Patrick’s. Oktoberfest. Dance Festivals. History. Love. Breakups. Immigration stamps. Terminal love. Souvenirs. I travel for many of those reasons too, especially travel stamps. There are a few things in life that fill me with as much happiness as opening my passport and reliving my trips. Now, […]

Ruky Okotcha

Seafood Heaven In Martha’s Vineyard

If you love seafood then you are aware that one of the places to eat the best seafood, is in New England. Once there make your way over to Martha’s Vineyard which is an island located south of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The seafood is abundant, fresh, affordable and best of all delicious! Here are my […]

Nadeen White

Two Travelers, One Suitcase

So, we have two packing philosophies in my household. Mine leans more towards Murphy’s Law, “what can go wrong will go wrong.” So, I like to be prepared for the unexpected. Better safe than sorry. His packing philosophy is definitely pragmatic minimalism. Enough said. Somehow, we manage to make packing work regardless of the length […]

Shameka McDowell

Ho Chi Minh City in 24 Hours

Ho Chi Minh, or as the locals say, Saigon, is such a dynamic city. Streams of motorcycles, french colonial architecture, cheap eats, and local chit chat at the Chill Bar will surely enhance your Vietnamese experience to new levels. Normally, I try to think of ways to turn an ordinary activity into something exciting that’s […]

Nate Chambers

5 Tips For Riding MegaBus

Have you heard of Megabus? It’s an easy, reliable, and affordable way to travel to by bus different parts of The United States and Canada. I recently had my first experience with them from Atlanta to Charlotte, the ride cost me $13.50 one way and I had no complaints! There are a few things you […]


How I Flew to Italy for $130 – With No Credit Cards

It was a beautiful Saturday morning in November when I got the notification from The Flight Deal: roundtrip fares all over the world for dirt cheap. Houston to South Africa for $400, DC to Israel and Mumbai for $285. I started to sweat. It was like the frequent travelers’ Black Friday. Could this be true? And […]

Zim Ugochukwu

5 Reasons Why You Should Go To Santorini

Every once in a while I travel to a place that looks as though I’ve stepped into a postcard. I walk off the plane, exit the airport and emerge into a destination that’s just as vivid and drop dead gorgeous as the glossy rectangular images sold at airports and tourist shops. The island of Santorini […]

Tausha Cowan

How to Travel the World for under $1k

We had an incredible Google+ Hangout on Saturday. If you missed it, don’t forget to download the full transcript here. While we had a ton of fun on the live video chat, we also had a ton of unanswered questions. Scroll below to find some answers to the questions we missed. If you couldn’t make the […]

Travel Noire

The Best Budget Friendly Vacation Destinations

I have stayed in nice and not so nice places. I’ve spent a lot and I’ve spent not so much. I’m going to borrow from Forrest Gump and say, Travel is like a box of chocolates- “you never know what you’re going to get”, but I can try to help. These are some of my […]

Cynthia Andrew

Spike Lee at The American Black Film Festival

“As the artist you have to make a choice, what I’m going to do and what I’m not going to do.” – Spike Lee Those are just a few wise words given to us by Lee himself during Spike Lee…Ya Dig! at the American Black Film Festival sponsored by HBO and Cadillac. The movie mogul […]

Nia S. Vaughn

7 Reasons You Should Visit Kenya

Watamu is a small town in Kenya. It’s located approximately 105 km north of Mombasa in and about 15 km south of Malindi on the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya. It lies on a small headland, between the Blue Lagoon and Watamu Bay. Its main economic activities are tourism and fishing. The Sunrises are amazing! Even on a cloudy day the view is to die for. After waiting […]

Travel Noire

48 Hours in London

There are many reasons to find yourself in the European epicenter at the conclusion of the summer; maybe you have an extended layover in London on your way to the coast of Croatia. Perhaps you are flying into Heathrow to catch a quick train to Amsterdam, or perchance like me, you were twiddling your thumbs […]

Travel Noire

How I Flew To The Maldives For $50

It’s becoming significantly harder and harder to leave our routined lives and gadgets behind, even while on vacation. However, there are a few places in the world that naturally forces you to get away from it all; one of those places is the Maldives. The Maldives is the epitome of relaxation, indulgence and luxury. “A little slice […]

Nate Chambers

Tips For Traveling with Friends

Traveling alone has many benefits and rewards. You get to do whatever you want, whenever you want without the fear of inconveniencing… well, yourself. But there is something about traveling with a companion or a close group of friends that can make a trip even more memorable.  Being in a foreign place is already mildly […]

Travel Noire