Wanderluxe: Louis Vuitton vs. The World

“And did you hear? Amy is spending the next month in Indonesia.” “Seriously? Ugh. I swear she’s always traveling. Wish I could afford to travel as much as her,” the female with the waist-length braids and Louis Vuitton tote sighed as we continued our F train ride into Queens. I’ve always loved Louis Vuitton.  My […]

Travel Noire

Experience Local Food In Vietnam

One of the most incredible ways to experience a new city is through the local food.  So naturally, during my most recent travels through Southeast Asia, I found myself eating my way through the beautiful cities of Vietnam.  My trip began in the wonderful city of Hanoi, more specifically at Highway 4 Restaurant.  Highway 4 […]

Travel Noire

Acadiana Restaurant Crawfish Boil

As a native Texan living in Washington, D.C., I frequently miss the food and traditions of home.  So I was particularly happy to spend a recent Saturday enjoying a bit of hometown food and culture with a crawfish boil.  If you are a Louisianan (or Houstonian) then you know exactly what this is all about. […]

Jessica Belle

How to Choose a Volunteer Vacation

What’s a volunteer vacation? A volunteer vacation is when you donate your time and money to help out a worthy cause. In exchange for your endowment, you receive the experience of a lifetime: living in a foreign country and helping out those less fortunate than you. I’ve done 4 different volunteer vacations with 2 different […]


Top Ten Activities in Paris

Paris is the world’s most visited city, with some 70 million tourists visiting each year. The French capital is home to 2.2 million people in its city-centre, and almost 12 million within the metropolitan area. Paris is located in the northern region of France, with the river Seine flowing right through the heart of the […]

Travel Noire

How I flew to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil — for $60

A few months ago, I decided that I wanted to get away. I had been longing for a beautiful beach, amazing scenery and warm weather. So, I logged into united.com & booked a ticket. In less than five minutes, I was now on my way to Brazil. My grand total?  $59.63. How is this possible, you […]

Zim Ugochukwu

Getting Married on the Rock of Gibraltar

It’s that time of the year again, those notifications from the engagement proposals which flooded your Facebook timeline this past winter are swiftly budding towards fully-fledged nuptial ceremonies. With wedding season in full swing, it’s natural that some of your thoughts may turn to visualizing YOUR big day and if like me, you love travel […]

Travel Noire

Teaching ESL Abroad: An Awesome Job?

For two years I taught ESL in South Korea, in Seoul, where it is very common to run into someone working as an ESL teacher. I got so used to meeting people who teach ESL that on one occasion I mistook a Boeing Korea executive for an ESL teacher. Even as someone who consciously tries […]

Travel Noire

Wanderluxe: Valentino vs. Mykonos, Greece

Since as long as I could remember I’ve always had this special gift. The older I’ve gotten, the stronger my gift has become. I’ve battled with this ability for years finally coming to the realization that this is just who I am. Well, what’s this gift? No matter where I am or what I do, […]

Travel Noire

Eastern Europe’s Charm

I’m currently exploring countries in Eastern Europe and it’s the best decision I’ve made since I finished my language course in Malaga, Spain. I’m also writing this post on the bus ride from Dubrovnik to Split in Croatia. Eastern Europe’s charm is in it’s rich history, abundant nature and beautiful sea. I can’t possibly imagine […]

Travel Noire

Spitbank Fort : A Luxury Dining Experience

source: Spitbank Forts Not many people know about this place. On the coastline of Portsea Island lies the secrets of The Solent.  I got to spend the day exploring one of the secrets. The shores of Southsea on Portsea Island can be somewhat chemeleonic. Being part of the U.K., it does not escape from the ever-changing weather, but […]

Bianca Malata

A Rare Glimpse of Paradise: Boracay Island, Philippines

When it comes to holiday getaways, for recuperating and rebalancing your mindset, one place comes to mind, and for obvious reasons too — Boracay Island! Boracay is a tiny island located south of the country’s capital, Manila.  Only 7km long, Boracay has managed to boast one of the best beaches around the world, creating an […]

Nate Chambers