Seychelles on my Mind

Seychelles is not a trip that you take; but a trip that takes you. Before you ever arrive, your eyes drink in the cobalt blue waters of the Indian Ocean that seem to appear out of nowhere beneath miles of clouds. Listed twice in the Top 25 Beaches of the World, Seychelles is famous for […]

Jessica Belle

In Your Bag: Travel Essentials

No matter when or where you travel, there are a list of comforts to consider to make travel as enjoyable as the time spent at your destination.     Beauty/Skin Care Protectants: Cooler months in most countries can wreak havoc on the skin, making travel sizes of moisturizers lifesavers.  Whether you enjoy luxe brands or […]


Beachfront Luxury in Laguna Beach

Imagine waking up to the sound of the waves crashing against the surf. Now imagine stepping onto your balcony and seeing palm trees and the pacific ocean. Then add to that great dining and a Mediterranean-style spa right outside your door. Enter Surf and Sand Resort in Laguna Beach, CA. The nine-story resort resembles a […]

Christen McCluney

Travel to Transgress

In her first seminal book on education, bell hooks, a fierce feminist writer and insurgent Black intellectual, reminds us to rethink teaching and “transgress” or push against existing racial and class boundaries to attain true freedom, the result which she describes as real teaching and a true education for a student. This idea of transgression holds […]

Nicole Grimes

Carefree in Lisbon

Of all the great countries I have had the pleasure of visiting, more than once I might add, Portugal has become my “lazy holiday.” There was no set itinerary to go exploring, take tours, what museums or restaurants to hit. Nope, just get off the plane and see where my spirit takes me. Know what […]

Ebony Simon

Seize The Day: Macau, China

Whenever I tell someone I visited Macau its as if a great bolt of lightning hits them in the rear — their excitement level goes through the roof. I didn’t quite get it at first. Perhaps the portrayal in the media paints the impression of a “Rich Man’s paradise.” On the other hand, many people […]

Nate Chambers

Getting in the Festival Spirit

Plenty of warm days are now on the horizon with the arrival of spring and the highly-anticipated coming of summer.  Accordingly, festivals abound with celebration themes of sun and soul.  Festivals offer lots of fun–and generally for just a few coins–the chance to meet great people with common interests over a few days or an extended stay […]


Make Time to Travel

As a nomad without a home or clear career path, existential crises abound. The constant chasing after, running from and just plain random living leaves this one questioning what am I doing, why am I doing it and what is the point of life anyway?! The only thing that is clear to me is that […]

j. nambowa

My Black Card Was Revoked

No, not my “Black” credit card. I mean my black card – the fictional card every black person theoretically receives at birth. Frankly, I had never heard of such a thing. My parents never said anything about it, nor was it a part of any class I took in school. So how did I find out […]

Travel Noire

A Journey to Peace

Islam is exoticized in our consciousness.  Images of harems, of faceless women in black capes and of oppressive men cramp our understanding of the fastest growing religion in the world. This mystique, coupled with 24-7 coverage of terrorist attacks, makes it easy, if not unimaginable otherwise, to conflate Islam with radicalism. I ask that you […]

Travel Noire

A Powerful Visit to Robben Island

I had the amazing opportunity to study abroad in South Africa through my university a couple years ago. With around twenty-two other students and two advisors, we embarked on our month long Business & Culture: South Africa Exploration Seminar. During our last couple of weeks, we had the chance to spend time in Cape Town […]

Danait Kidane

Love Hangover: Dominica

Often confused with the Dominican Republic, a little island named Dominica is the place I dream of constantly. Without a doubt, Dominica is my favorite place.  The island is small in a way that is so breathtakingly dreamy; there really is no other way to describe it. So small that you can drive around the […]

Travel Noire

What’s Your Status?

As frequently as I travel, I must say I have learned a thing or two about different airlines. Some airlines are strictly budget in nature, others are pretty average, and then there are some that take flying to the next level. A lot of traveling is simply just that – traveling. Most often times traveling […]

Alicia Fort Anir

What Does Travel “Really” Require?

Hodophobia. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Hodo-who?! Most people have heard of some of the more common phobias – like the fear of heights [acrophobia]; snakes [ophidiophobia]; spiders [arachnophobia]; and being in small, enclosed spaces where escape is difficult [claustrophobia], but hodophobia usually throws people for a loop. It’s the fear of travel, and it can manifest itself in a variety of ways, from being […]

Travel Noire

Why the “Kid” in Me Lives On

I’m in a Facebook travel group where a particular member (whom I shall dub “Minnie”) recently stated she was considering Disney World as a Christmas get-away this year. Aside from the expected comments on cost, crowds, and the like, I noticed several comments were negative in that they seemed to judge Minnie’s selection of Disney World as […]

Travel Noire