The Andaman Islands, Unfiltered

Many a traveler may have India on their bucket-list of places to see.  However, about 1100 kilometers off the eastern coast of India, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are one of the most beautiful destinations the world over. There are close to 600 islands (572 to be exact) in the archipelago but out of these only 38 are inhabited and a […]

Nicole Grimes

Lessons from Haiti

  “Every native would like to find a way out, every native would like a rest, every native would like a tour. But some natives—most natives in the world—cannot go anywhere. They are too poor. They are too poor to go anywhere. They are too poor to escape the reality of their lives; and they […]

Travel Noire

Living abroad

For those in my life that I have known for years, I am the friend that lives abroad and is constantly traveling the world. In fact, I often get emails asking me where I am, which is often a very legitimate question, hence the name of my blog and nickname, Carmen Sandiego. I sometimes receive […]

j. nambowa

Discover Bali

Bali, Indonesia is an island that will captivate your heart, revive your soul, and leave you wanting to experience its sacred grounds over and over again. I am currently in Singapore after experiencing seven blissful nights on the ‘Island of the Gods.’ I stayed at Fivelements Puri Ahimsa in the village of Mambal and the […]

Travel Noire

Traveling Tunes

No matter where you’re heading or how you choose to get there, music is one of the best travel companions you can have. To celebrate, we’ve put together a list of songs that our curators like to jam to while jetsetting. The picks are as diverse as we are as people, and really represent how […]

Travel Noire

Uganda: The Pearl of Africa

My journey to Uganda was comprised of nothing short of miracles. I quickly rushed through security and finally had a moment to breathe and think about the journey to Uganda I was about to embark on. I pursued a career in international ‘development’*, because I found the sector to be polarizing. The sector is overwhelmingly […]

Udodi Okoh

Getting Intimate With China

In my experience, the most valuable things I have gained from my travels are the relationships I’ve made while on the road. I have shared many of my best adventures, such as sky diving, cave crawling and walking the Great Wall, with people who I now consider very good friends. Few things build companionship more […]

Travel Noire

10 Reasons To Visit Dusseldorf

Germany is synonymous with sausages and beer, and with that, popular cities like Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt. What some of your may already know is that Germany has many more cities that offer up enough charm and culture to rival that of the larger cities. One that certainly comes to mind is Dussseldorf. Sitting on […]

Bianca Malata

Connecting with Different Cultures

I’m a Postcolonial Feminist, and when that travels it means I am always looking for “the people” wherever I am.  The minorities.  The once (or currently) oppressed. The societal outcasts.  The strangers in their own native land.   I seek to learn their stories and how they connect to mine as a Black woman.  Doing so […]

Travel Noire

Returning Home

After returning from a extended stay in a foreign country, the last thing a traveler wants to hear is the ignorance that taints the American global view. People often see you as an outlet to ask all– and I do mean all of their questions about your country. Since returning,  I have received some of […]

Tayler Ulmer

Houston Eats

I brought in the new year in Houston, Texas and had a chance to indulge my insatiable appetite at a few of the nicest restaurants in town: First, I can’t say enough about a gem called The Breakfast Klub, located in midtown Houston. The Breakfast Klub has been recognized as one of the best breakfast restaurants in […]

Travel Noire

Layover Adventures

My love affair with Amsterdam started with a layover. Amsterdam was on my long list of places I wanted to visit, but I was in no rush to make plans to head there. When I had a five-hour layover on my way back to the states I decided to use that time to get a […]

Christen McCluney

Eclectic Singapore

As I reflect on my travels in 2013, my trip to Singapore in July 2013 really stands out. It was eye opening and surprising. To be honest, I was nervous. I was nervous about travelling as a black girl to an Asian country. How would people react to me walking on the street, getting on […]

Joke Karibo

Can Luxury Travel be Authentic Travel?

I often find myself torn between two approaches to travel. I like the finer things in life: 1st class cabins, high-end food and luxury hotels. I mean, who doesn’t like to be pampered from time to time? But I also want to get the most out of my travel and really get to see “real […]

Travel Noire

The Hostel Accommodation Game

This fall I spent a few weeks backpacking from Lisbon, Portugal, through southern Spain, then down to Casablanca, Morocco. I stayed in a hostel every one of my 19 nights on the road, and each of the properties brought something fresh and cool to the table. I should note, before I hit the road, I […]

Travel Noire