You Should Travel Solo

While traveling alone can be challenging and daunting, personal growth often happens in solitude. It can be invigorating, inspiring and just plain refreshing—so refreshing that we think everyone should do it at least once. Here are our top five reasons you should travel solo followed by some tips to get started. Do what you want, […]

Travel Noire

The Best Subjects: People

Being a black traveler means that most times, people are staring at you. Some people might hate that, and on occasion, so do I. However, there are times where it has allowed me to capture some amazing photographs. My name is Afiya and I’m a professional people watcher. Every time I return home from a […]

Travel Noire

The Ethiopian Spirit

“I chase my aspirations, in an attempt to quench my thirst for exploration. Suddenly, God reveals the peace to be found in contentment.” Last year I embarked on a life-changing mission trip of giving in Ethiopia with a group of truly inspirational and visionary individuals. We set out to explore the beautiful city and people […]

Travel Noire

The Allure Of Argentina

South American culture is extremely rich and fascinating. During my travels in Argentina, I noticed that there weren’t very many Afro-Argentines, upholding the stereotype that Argentina is the “whitest county in South America.” Depending on who you ask, Afro-Argentines either died fighting the 1865 war against Paraguay, while the remaining fled to Brazil or that President Domingo […]

Travel Noire

Clothed in Culture

I felt like what I assume every bride feels like on her wedding day: elegant, excited and fortunate. It was always a dream of mine to do a photoshoot wearing a kimono and I was finally getting the opportunity to do so. The embroidered silk fabric would adorn my skin the same way it did […]

Travel Noire

Are Group Tours for You?

So you’ve done it! You’ve finally bit the bullet and decided that this year is the year that you throw caution to the wind and embark on that exotic adventure of a lifetime. With some of your best mates at your side, you can’t wait to immerse yourself in the sights, sounds and culture of […]

Modupe Sonuyi

Escaping Paris’ Concrete Jungle

Paris…city of lights. City of romance. City of mouth-watering baguettes. City of about 2.2 million inhabitants and transit point for the majority of France’s 78 million tourists per year. Once upon a time I too was part of that 78 million, until I took the leap and decided to call Paris home; and boy do […]

Travel Noire

Traveling While Black

I grew up in the Southern region of the United States. Contrary to popular perception, race was not a pervasive part of my Southern childhood. In fact, I never really thought much about it until I left for college. I attended Louisiana State University, a predominantly white institution in Baton Rouge, where I was often the […]

Travel Noire

Zanzibar: The African Island

I had never seen a Maasai warrior dance until I came to Zanzibar. He was jumping up and down, like they do in their tradition, to a 50 Cent song, and he seemed to be enjoying himself. It wasn’t exactly what I imagined when I thought of a Maasai warrior, but since it’s the 21st […]

Joke Karibo

Travel. Rinse. Repeat.

Relaxation. Isn’t that often one’s motive behind planning a vacation? When finalizing a trip, you might imagine that a weeklong jaunt in another country will leave plenty of time to unwind. But with jam-packed itineraries, time-zone changes, and efforts made to acclimate yourself to a new culture, relaxation seems a near impossible feat. Let’s be […]

Travel Noire

Playing with Tigers

It’s never been easier to check “playing with tigers” off your bucket list. About an hour’s drive outside of Bangkok, in a province called Kanchanaburi, there’s a place called Tiger Temple. It’s a Buddhist monastery that partially supports itself and its animal residents (including a large population of tigers) on donations and visitor fees. Among the many activities you can do: bottle-feed tiger cubs; exercise adult tigers […]

Travel Noire

Hawaii 5’0

There are places you visit, and places you experience. One of my favorite places to experience is Hawai’i.  When I first arrived I could smell the ocean and flowers, feel the calming energy,  and giggle at the warm kisses from the sun. This was all while waiting for my luggage at the open airport.  At night, […]

Ebony Simon

The First Time

There is something particularly special about first times. First love. First car. First day of school. First times have the potential to change your life and just like your first day of school, you’re given that one sacred opportunity to set the tone for the upcoming year. My trip to Spain epitomizes that first time feeling. […]

Travel Noire

Puerto Rican Paradise

With a travel list as long as mine and a mindset to cross each destination off one-by-one, I never thought I’d visit a place I never wanted to leave. I traveled to Puerto Rico in April with my boyfriend and instantly fell in love. The locals were extremely friendly, the culture is so interesting, and […]

Travel Noire

Vietnamese Smiles

The most remarkable thing about the Vietnamese are their unwavering smiles. In all of my travels, I have never known people to be so happy, so often. Despite any hardships, circumstances, how or where they live, they smile. Is this a sweeping generalization? Absolutely. But in my experience, the people of Vietnam are extremely pleasant […]