I Love Your Hair

In America, the growing popularity of natural hair could be considered a movement – one that has garnered support from various blogs, major television personalities, books and even movies. Although, I’m surprised that our tresses continue to receive this much attention, I’m always more flattered when my natural hair garners attention overseas. When traveling abroad, […]

Travel Noire

A Hidden Treasure

And then there was little town of Las Terrenas in the city of Santa Barbara de Samana, about a 3 hour drive from the boisterous city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Free of tourists, coupled with very few modern influences on culture and landscape, Las Terrenas is a very attractive destination. This past February, I […]

Travel Noire

Scotland’s Granite City

To a lot of people, Aberdeen has always been associated with oil and ice cold temperatures. When I was growing up in southern Nigeria in the early 1990s, Aberdeen came up in conversations between my dad and his friends. At the time, I had never thought of Aberdeen as a holiday destination, but rather, a place […]

Ruky Okotcha

London’s Best Markets

London is an incredible city and certainly tops my list (so far) of the best places to visit. Most of my weekends in London are spent dancing in quirky clubs, walking through the beautiful Hyde Park on a rare sunny day and shopping in the hosts of open air markets. The latter however, was by […]

Travel Noire

Capturing the Moment

Words do no justice when it comes to sharing the experiences you have when traveling. For those caught up in wanderlust, you know exactly what I mean. Your pictures will tell a story, and I promise, it doesn’t take professional skills.  For those new to the DSLR world, I will share some simple concepts that […]

Travel Noire

Montreal: Bonjour, Hello

It’s good to have a home away from home and I can’t quite put a finger on the moment I fell in love with this city, but Montreal has become one of my favorite places in the world. Are there more exotic places?  Yes. More impressive sights? Yes. Still Montreal, that little city up north […]

Cynthia Andrew

When in Rome: Lessons in Language

Picture yourself as a tourist in another country. Rather, allow me to paint you a picture. A tourist from another country visits an english speaking country and needs simple directions to their hotel. The exchange between them and that local can be quite unpleasant and uninviting if basic phrases aren’t understood. As native english speakers, […]


The New Lagos

It’s no news that some of fastest growing economies of the past decade are in sub-Saharan Africa. With economic growth on the rise, my last visit to Lagos, Nigeria in November 2012 was very interesting. I heard that Lagos had become an entertaining, dining and overall ‘everyone likes to have a good time’ city. I […]

Joke Karibo

Turn Down Service

It was a lazy Wednesday by temperature standards in Jamaica when I eased into my seat in a quiet corner of Sangster International Airport. If not departing, I would surely have been back on the beach with the book I’d almost finished. My four-day excursion felt like a week on my body. I was rested — the […]

Travel Noire

Berlin: A Techno Paradise

Heavy clouds filled the sky as we walked over the jagged remains of the Berlin wall. It was 4 degrees Celsius on my first Friday night in Berlin and I had on every layer of clothes that I could comfortably muster up some movement in. Three pairs of black leggings, one pair of jeans, 4 […]

Travel Noire

The Red City of Morocco

I started day dreaming about Morocco earlier this year when I heard from multiple sources how charming and eclectic this North African country was. Marrakech is considered one of the most popular cities in Morocco, with two cities — the old medina, as the ancient walled Arab metropolis is called, and Guéliz, the name given to the […]

Travel Noire

Beautiful Black Paris

Paris. Full of glamour and romance, there is a lot more to this infamous destination then the clichés we’ve all come to know. Paris happens to be one of the most diverse cities in the world with thousands of immigrants from Asia, South America & Africa. I had always been taught to perceive Paris as an untouchable, conservative, […]

Travel Noire

Grab The Bull By The Horns

“I’m a bull running rockstar!” These are the words I use to describe myself these days, but on July 11, 2012, the only words I could speak with certainty and sincere humbleness were, “Jesus keep us near the cross.” You see, before my rockstar status kicked in, I was just one person in a group […]

Danielle Pointdujour

The Center of Milan

Upon my arrival to Milan, Duomo di Milano was my first stop. Duomo, the largest cathedral in Italy, is rich in history and architecture. This beautiful cathedral is the center of Milan (much like Times Square in NYC), and is absolutely breathtaking. Tourists are able to tour the cathedral and light candles for their loved ones. While […]

Travel Noire

Fiji: What To Expect

What a treat it is to visit the South Pacific. People always ask what Fiji is like and I always say the same thing. Fiji is simply breathtaking. The beauty is unmatched and the locals are extremely friendly.   We spent our days basking in the vibrant sun–fanned by the relentless ocean breeze. At night, […]

Travel Noire